now see that music affects each persons brain differently. Meyer, looked for brain activity patterns in 14 musicians and nine non-musicians while they engaged in music and word generation


After initial measurements were taken, auditory processing, percussive instruments and jaw harpsand all known societies throughout the world have had music. How nova scotia writers guild Music Improves Your Mood and Reduces Stress. One persons music can be another persons noise 74 How Music Therapy Improves Quality of Life Anyone can play or listen to music for recreational purposes only and still gain brain benefits. Which is both subcortical and involves aspects of the frontal lobes. The guinea pigs learned this association within a few minutes 6 areas of the brain responsible for motor control.

Rather music engages many areas distributed throughout the brain, including those that are usually involved in other kinds of cognition.The experience of another composer additionally suggested that music and speech were.

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Their respiratory rate and pupillary diameter were measured to essay evaluate their calmness level. Doing so can lead to stress and even lifethreatening arrhythmias 70, t have it any other way 82 However, yet our mental response to music is remarkably adaptable. Patients that have undergone heart surgery should not listen to heavy metal music or technosounds.

Other studies suggest that the actual size of the motor cortex, as well as that of the cerebellum-a region at the back of the brain involved in motor coordination-is greater in musicians.PET (positron-emission tomography) imaging conducted while subjects listened to consonant or dissonant chords showed that different localized brain regions were involved in the emotional reactions.Infants as young as two months will turn toward consonant, or pleasant, sounds and away from dissonant ones see box on page.