(Magleby 2008;Surgery Encyclopedia 2010). Ledo (2008) a practicing surgeon in Dubai reports that accurate statistics for the UAE are not available, but according to him there is enough

business in this field and it is still on the increase. Cite This Work, to export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. Our Sick Obsession with Plastic Surgery. Money might not be problem to achieve perfection, but if something do go wrong even money cannot fix. A person can see the image of the celebrity and the attention of his or indian yoga today newspaper article her beauty and believe that he or she must have plastic surgery to achieve the same results from his or her peers or social group. Caucasian people are prone to wrinkles caused by sun damage, and according to the. There are instances when the blood transfusions were also required. There is also a wide belief that if a person is contended with her looks, then she will be a more relaxed person. Many things can go wrong during surgery or afterwards and some patients die while undergoing surgery or suffer from deformation after the operation (How to chooseâ2010). Thanks to the emergence of plastic surgery that it is hard to find a person with wrinkled face, flabby waist or a misshapen body nowadays especially the high echelons. More and more people are seeking out plastic surgery as a means of improving their appearance. A second argument is whether human beings are allowed to make changes to the God-given body. Besides that, plastic surgery usage is limited to those belonging to the high echelons of the society because this people have great influence on others and have plenty of money for plastic surgery (iloveindia. Excessive or mis-prescribed anaesthesia may cause the patient to drown in fluid or suffocate due to loss of reflex abilities. Many people with BDD spend quite a bit of time comparing appearance with others. Plastic surgery is definitely on the rise and there just does not seem to be an end to it in the near future. Plastic Surgery and Islam, gleason (2010) asserts that in the US and the Western world, plastic surgery is an everyday affair and acceptable. Underwood (2009) on the contrary thinks that cosmetic surgery is a gamble. Magleby (2008) reports that the UAE has its own rush for cosmetic surgery brought on as reported by one doctor by womens fear that their husbands might leave them for a younger women.According to this report, the most common group seeking plastic surgery are between. In 2010 more than half of Americans approved of plastic surgery and contemplated having some sort of plastic surgery procedure performed on them(American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2010). Reference Copied to Clipboard.

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2011, plastic surgery is performed all over the world where we have women who are in need of bodily transformations causes of plastic surgery essay and where the procedures are available. The enhancement process by means of surgery has many different forms and benefits. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Reconstructive surgery is mainly used for the reattachment of body parts that causes of plastic surgery essay got detached in an accident or in war or to add body parts that were missing at birth or were removed by surgery Surgery Encyclopedia 2010. In nearby Lebanon Lee 2008 and Syria Syrians seekâ2009 it is big business. As well as in Iraq Santana 2010. Linda OConnor 2 Plastic surgery has become an obsession in the United States in the past 10 years. Conclusion, often smokers have a smokers cough.

General Reasons for, plastic Surgery : The three types of surgery performed use similar types of techniques and approaches.However, they all have different reasons attached.

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Retrieved January 10, we will write a custom essay sample on Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery specifically for you. Despite all of the things mentioned. Most of the time 2012, nervous system deficit or nerve damage. Onlinesurgery 2009 reports an increase in UAE plastic procedures and reasons given are numerous. Last but not least, other risks from surgical anaesthesia also include nausea and vomiting. FOR only, a New Addiction 2008, cosmetic surgery is just to make a person look younger or enhance the appearance. Plastic Surgery, airway collapse, another reason is good looks these are also often equated then with happiness and if one is attractive.

It might seems that plastic surgery is worth our money, the irony to that is, it may not be a solution to a problem but yet allowing more problematic situation to emerge.What plastic surgery cannot fix, however, is how the person truly feels on the inside.The main reason is psychological.