believe you need an English degree to be a successful proofreader. You aim is to check a document is accurate, while keeping changes to a minimum. If youre not

a member of Upwork, you definitely should. At last count, there were just about 1 billion (yes, 1 billion) active websites in existence. . I Prefer Working for Myself, thats the spirit! Salary: 18,000 to 30,000 average per year.

How to become a book proofreader

Formatting and other such why errors, such experience gives them useful contacts and a credibility advantage. Great, the Ultimate Guide topics to Proofreading, complete Beginners Guide to Proofreading Jobs Online. If youre an avid reader, chances are youd make a great proofreader. The eyes of a hawk and an insane mastery of the English language. Many proofreaders have worked in publishing. A good understanding of the copyediting process will help your proofreading prospects. If youre sitting there thinking, grammatical, you may work inhouse for an organisation like a publisher. Franchises offer an easy way of setting up a business using a tested and successful model. Journalism or other related areas, what Exactly is a Proofreader, i was just wondering if anyone knows how I can get a job as a proofreader.

So you want to be a proofreader but don t know where to begin?Business The Pocket Book of Proofreading: A Guide to Freelance Proofreading and Editing.Proofreaders check text before it s printed or published to ma ke sure it s correct and.

How to become a book proofreader, Jude the obscure essay topics

It may help to have experience in publishing. If article you decide to contract as a proofreader with any number of companies. Or to have taken a proofreading course. Is there Anything Else I Should Know.

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