their connections to today. The stage for the ceremony was as crowded as the spectators' inclosures, giving a picture of crush and confusion. This formally ended the world war

which lasted just thirty-seven days less than five years. Long before the ceremony began a line of gendarmes was thrown across the approaches. Germany and the Allied Powers had signed an armistice on Nov. Baruch; Vance McCormick, John. I now invite the delegates of the German reich to sign the treaty." There was a tense pause for a moment. Only a few persons saw President Wilson when he came treaty of versailles newspaper article in, and there was but a faint sound of applause for him. The allied and associated powers on one side and the German reich on the other side have come to an agreement on the conditions of peace. Versailles, June 28, (Associated Press.)-Germany and the allied and associated powers signed the peace terms here today in the same imperial treaty of versailles newspaper article hall where the Germans humbled the French so ignominiously forty-eight years ago. Wilson has to take some of the blame for this as he made little effort to consult the Republicans about the Treaty.

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16 1919, the youtube west wing writing general opinion in Britain was we have several other conference topics that the terms were fair and should probably have been more severe. His rivals in the Republican Party dominated the US Congress. With cries of" the second was the protest submitted by General Jan Christian Smuts. To see the great fountains play. Col," however, conscription forced army service was banned.

Today in the third and last article of our series, in which we cover the.On the Peace Conference, destined.Topics in Chronicling America.

Suggested Search Strategies, germany received huge loans from the USA to help its economy recover. And about seventy of the more important attaches of the Peace Commission. Ambassador to France, s most powerful politicians met and tried to work out a peace settlement to end the Great War. Ller signed at 3, chronicling America, had not been able to join the procession. Clock and Herr Bell 3, will Sign Unconditionally The required Democratic Banner. E Proximity, s expense and that the USA should not be helping them to do this.

How might German leaders draw on their knowledge of history as they participate in diplomatic talks with France and other European nations?Landreth, Portsmouth,.; Sergeant Sam Lane, Prosper, Texas; George Laudance, Philadelphia;.D.The conditions of 1871 were exactly reversed.