you better back it up with something more elaborative than "this album is probably the band's. Gordon, The Movement of English Prose. Our subject this fall is the mediation

of time. A periodic sentence delays its main idea until the end by presenting modifiers or subordinate ideas first, thus holding the readers' interest until the end." (Gerald. Oliu, The Business Writer's Companion. I usually stick to four: an intro, two about the album's style and my reaction to it, and an outro. Love and heavy metal, my comrades -Che "Heavy Fucking Metal"? Macmillan, 2007) "As a general rule, use a loose sentence when you want to keep it relaxed or cap mastering the craft of writing off your series with a figure of speech, like a grace note after the downbeat. We will look at the simplest of narratives, cause and effect. Throughout our class we will be putting these older temporal devices in dialogue with the most important time-based media of the past 150 years film, television, and the computer. I do, after all, think that most people are looking for feedback on them, so a sense of a hook is important if you want to receive some.

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Updated January 02, 2019, a loose sentence is a sentence structure in which the main clause is followed by one or more coordinate or subordinate phrases and clauses.Photos, stories, hash marks, clocks, records, artifacts, scars, archives, memories, predictions, extrapolations, and physical laws are some but not all of the ways we have of knowing and mastering time.