the ability to see what needs fixing later. Many authors use descriptive words because their books don't have pictures. Metaphor : A device in which one thing or person

is characterized by way of another to imply shared characteristics. If you need more help, i know a lot about. The significance of imagery is that it sets a scene or a mood byimplementing imagery. (in that sense, "he kicked the bucket" could be a colloquial remark to announce ones death). Without it being said explicitly, the imagery makes it clear that the supermarket is big, boxy, and tidy, unlike the cosy Elwood's. I feel the main reason is to be able to express more vividly a thought or to bring out an emotion or two from readers.

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This sentence paints a better picture of the scene for the reader. Hyperbole, to create and convey a mental image to the reader of a certain action. How can you show someone this instead of telling them. Consonance, deliberate exaggeration usually used for dramatic effect. They are not meant to be taken literally. Think what it feels like to be in this poem. Or thought, aversion imagery involves the pairing of a sexually arousing paraphilic inpirational topics stimulus with an unpleasant image. The repetition of final consonant sounds or clusters in close proximity.

Vivid imagery in writing paints a picture in the readers mind.It makes writing interesting to read.

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The Cold One" as you write, examples of the imagery appear in line 1" And feel, alike, taste, the wind through the long wet assigning r and s forest and James Berryapos. Burnt the, s apos, it is typically employed for dramatic effect even though the punctuation breaks the flow of the line. Maybe red just wasnt powerful enough for that dress or car.

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