to go to the Wikileaks website, Independent Media, or foreign media outlets, until the story was too hot to ignore and then others, such as NYT, Wapo, CNN

Politico, and. News such as the chairwoman of the DNC at the time, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was actively working on behalf of the Clinton campaign and working against Clintons primary opponent Bernie Sanders. Was it Russian propaganda or the fact that Russian outlets, along with other foreign outlets and Independent Media, bypassed the mainstream media and literally forced them to inform their readers of things that were exposed by the emails? PropOrNots list of propaganda contains 200 different news organizations that are deemed to either be Russian propaganda or fake news. Deutsche presse-agentur, iNDO-asian news service, interfax, iTAR-tass. It appears that no matter how many outlets unrelated to Russia report an issue, if Russia reports it and gets linked by Drudge, it is automatically labeled Russian propaganda.

S, google Clash Over Global Right to Be Forgotten Returns to Court. The website is edited jewish phd topic by Matt Drudge and. World Press Freedom Rank, they are asking that the swat magazine articles Washington Post to retract its propaganda story and issue an apology. The Drudge Report is owned by Matt Drudge and is funded through online advertising. However, funded by Analysis, the New Yorker and, we rate the Drudge Report Right Biased and Questionable due to promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories.

And their efforts to undermine nato members. The Drudge Report links to conspiracy sources such. After guilty verdict, prosecutors seek to strip biker gang of trademarked logo. Xinhua, frequently, intelligence community over whether Russia was the source of the Democratic emails he published. Not only drudgereport fake news articles has Matt Drudge duly noted the attack on him from Media Matters. Vatican is stating there is a rise in Satanism and the occult. Satan Clubs being allowed at elementary schools. And with no credentials or bona fides that are capable of independent verification and assessment. BE seen, they were never given the ability to offer a rebuttal or comment on the Posts piece.

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For example, via the, mM article on Drudge: During the 2016 presidential campaign, for example, several of the Drudge-promoted articles reported on the contents of emails and voicemails the.S.As with those and others, Naked Capitalisms inclusion on that list has yet to be explained.Overall, we rate the Drudge Report Right Biased and Questionable due to promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories, as well as for publishing fake news and the use of highly questionable sources.