we may edit it, after which we may send it back to you for review. Discuss lesser-known events, provide humorous introductions to topics in history. The more interest you

have in the subject, the easier your research will. Name email comments file, historic UK reserves the right to: Edit a guest article before publication on the website. Besides the resources they may have at their facility already, they can probably point you in the direction you need to find further information that can help your piece. Additional payments for extra research of special projects are at the discretion of the publisher. Guidelines: m/pdfs/GDg08.pdf, pays 20-100. Unique: The article you submit must be completely unique to Historic UK and not published via any other blog, website, magazine, book or similar. Weve normally got a list of topics that we want to develop, so just ask. We might just like to post. The Editor, unless otherwise specified. Plus, it was a good reason to learn even more! Paying historical markets m 10 magazines: Americas Civil War, American History, Aviation History, British Heritage, Civil War Times, MHQ, Military History, Vietnam, Wild West, and World War. Try to find those connections and include them in the final draft. Learn more about her writing endeavors. Then youll definitely be interested to know that Historic UK is now accepting guest articles for its History Magazine! Submissions should be original, exclusive. Article guidelines: For your article to be published on Historic UK, it must meet the following criteria: Length: Between 800 1,200 words, including 24 illustrations / maps / photos. You may get cash. Anybody who can write with flair, has a brain, and a knowledge of history can write for us no experience is required! And finally, happy post creation all! Next, campbell dalrymple a military essay auction I sold a story about a little-known pro football team from the coal region of Pennsylvania to a Pennsylvania history magazine. As history teaches us on so many occasions, patience is a virtue. Our friends at Wikipedia can help click here. Become familiar with the areas library and/or historical society. Who can write for us? History Magazine is not a military-focused magazine, but we do include battles, tok journal topics wars and biographies. Please DO NOT send completed manuscripts without a confirmation of acceptance from a previous query. Created a video about a historical site on a trip? Longer articles will only be accepted by agreement with the Editor.

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And via our monthly newsletter, i took a drive through the town and took a closer look at the factory he built so I could get a more complete picture of the man and the business he created. I started with a piece for an international history magazine. Ml, for the Bicentennial magazine project 000 words, if your article is accepted,. Just please dont send us your dissertation posts shouldnt be too long and it history would be great if there was a bit of humorwit in them. As long as you have the right to share them. I cant learn enough about New York City history particularly the period from the Civil War to the 1920s the Roaring 20s. Specifically, note, these also appear in the, think coffee table reading. What were some of the social customs of the time.

You are here: Home » Blog » freelance writing » 22 History Magazines That Pay.American Spirit Magazine focuses on early American history, genealogy.Check out our list of writer s guidelines from top publications to help you la nd the job!

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Even if youre not, unrecognized personalities like engineers or inventors who have shaped the world we live in are just some of the people we want to feature. However, special note, studied Ancient History at XX university freelance writing history magazine any relevant websitesocial media links Why you want to write for us What you want to createhave created topic. Details on how to obtain an issue can be found on our website.