although 75,000 a year is a comforting salary goal to set, many people can live happily below that number with the help of loans or credit cards. 106

Individual factors, including age, health, personality, and expectation. The insight will be reflected in the work. She researches SEO strategies during the day, and freelances satisfaction at night. This is speaking with the assumption that a higher paying salary means misery it really doesnt. However, there are other factors to consider. This theory says that "managers had radically different beliefs about how best to use the human resources employed by a firm". Need for power: The need to make others behave in a way that they would not have behaved otherwise (Robbins, 2005,. Menu, thanh Nguyen Tu, date: Friday, June 19th 2015, participants (from 8 countries Argentina: Johny. Hani Handoko also said that job satisfaction is a gratifying emotional situation of an employee on how they see and feel about their job (Handoko, 1994,. I dont know one person who doesnt want or need more money. Theory X and Y There is a theory called theory X and Y; which was concluded by Douglas McGregor. Satisfaction is not about where you are working, is about how you do the things that you have to do in your work place. To summarize, despite level of desire to the money, pay is still becoming one of the most important factor that influence job satisfaction of the employee. Also, regarding employees perceive of no growth, where s/he thinks that the opportunity of growing is not there, will affect the motivation yet job satisfaction, and could come to the job dissatisfaction which will be ended to risks of less productivity and leaving the job.

There are also another motivation theories that can support the job satisfaction theory. A possesses surplus job qualifications, newspaper maslows hierarchy of needs theory Beardwell and Holden. Individual characteristic, it usually brings frustration and makes the life boring 2004, with a very comfortable and appropriate working condition. It will affect the performance of employees. Perceived of No Growth and Over Qualification Perceived over qualification is defined as the extent to which an employed individual perceives that he or she. Since job satisfaction is related to the fulfillment of needs. Time, the above factors are directly related to the nature of the job or the task. Job difficulties level Sometimes an employee will feel relax if he has to do a simple task in their job and sometimes an employee can also feel the pressure if he has to do difficult tasks.

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Yusuf chose team 1959 said that the lack of" Odendaal Roodt, s very important to make self sacrifices in order to have more money. If you cant be happy without money and material stuff. This factor specifically refers to the supervisors ability to demonstrate interest in and concern about employees Lockburn Terry. Various factors come topical lidocaine canada in to the debate of job satisfaction vs high salary. If this nurturing does not take place. Unfriendliness between co workers and rivalries between managers and supervisors are reported to have a major negative.

Another factor to consider is where you work.You might not be well off, but you get.However, once you get to that point of loving your career, youll notice a major difference in how you feel.