the United States reduced the amount of time spent on social studies, creative subjects, and science by over. If states persist in making a students fate rest on a

single test, the likely result over the next few years will be nothing short of catastrophic. Anyone who doubts the scope and significance of what is being sacrificed in the desperate quest to raise scores has not been inside a school lately. Test-taking skills and memorization do not promote understanding and districts which take these actions continually show low overall standardized testing scores. When the stakes rise, people seek help anywhere they can find it, and companies eager to profit from this desperation by selling test-prep materials and services have begun to appear on the scene, most recently tailoring their products to state exams. This does happen in some statesby no means allbut, even when it does, the money is commonly offered as a short-term grant (hardly sufficient narrative essays about crohn's to compensate for years of inadequate funding) and is often earmarked for test preparation rather than for higher-quality teaching. Someone unfamiliar with the relevant psychological research (and with reality) might insist that raising the bar will motivate more students to succeed. Still, it is hard to deny that high-stakes testing, even when the tests arent norm-referenced, is ultimately about sorting. Even though the public supports testing and accountability, many worry that there is excessive testing, burdening teachers and students. With so much riding on the results, teachers often feel compelled to teach to the tests. Without reading, for example, it would be difficult to learn how to write properly. The main objective of these tests is to rank, not to rate; to spread out the scores, not to gauge the quality of a given student or school. Both sides are vocal about the pros and cons of standardized testing and the high stakes increasingly riding on the outcome.

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New York Times reported in its lead story of Sept. Other performance measurements, when someone emphasizes the importance of higher expectations for minority children. Standardized tests narrow the curriculum, people have many different strengths that may best movie script writers not be reflected in the context of a standardized test. Teacher evaluations have been tied to standardized test results. This approach provides schools with data to develop targeted mccarthy tetrault articling salary programs and services for improving student performance. The current situation is also unusual from an international perspective.

Standardized tests can either be on paper or on a computer.The test taker is provided with a question, statement, or problem, and expected.There are some advantages to standardized tests.

Articles on standardized testing

Or seriously thinking about doing. It is a game that a lot of kidspredominantly kids of colorsimply cannot win. That is why each key point summarizing must be carefully considered writing before implementing or making changes to a plan of standardized testing. There are some common arguments for and against standardized testing in the classroom. It also seems clear that most of the people who are quitting. Yet just such highstakes testing is currently taking place.