fallible or unreliable narration plays a major role in the novel and other modernist fiction. . Brooke is remembering back to all of the good things that he remembers

from England. When it comes to being an unreliable narrator, it becomes increasingly if i were a soldier essay in english evident that Dowell fits this criteria as he constantly glosses over important facts giving his own opinions and slant instead of the facts, leading the reader to believe everything that he says. I shall build for myself a small farm where I shall grow many crops to feed my country. Now he would have given everything he loves and all of the good memories from England to God, so he would feel that he has changed heaven into an English heaven. While this poem was a war poem, it was also a love poem. It is sure that in these attacks I might be wounded but I know that my destiny is leading me to win a great name for my country. The authors use of metaphors and personification helped support the theme. But it is wonderful to have wishes. There are a number of ways that a narrator can be seen to be unreliable. He also used repetition throughout the whole poem to emphasize his love for England.

If i were a soldier essay in english: Articles about working coditions

Order now, napoleon, where there is a writing will there is a way and I am sure God will help me to become a great soldier one day. I remember on that afternoon I saw a brown cow hitch its horns under the stomach of a black and white animal and the black and white one was thrown right into the middle of a narrow stream. Florences betrayal and Leonoras absolute horror seem to remain completely transparent to him. Brooke talks about how life should be after death.

If I were a soldier.I am a member of the National Cadet Corps My officer likes me because I am a fearless cadet.

If i were a soldier essay in english

Dowell has a very confusing way of talking. With this said, his habit to find the negative in every situation makes the reader rather depressed and frustrated. I shall lead a very active life with other fellow soldiers and bring glory to my regiment in sports and rifle of man. He tries to remember something but cannot remember when it happened. quot; both by Dowell and by Ford himself. For example, then the turn comes in, unfortunately when one becomes extremely rich. One he forget the plight of those meaning who are less fortunate. And it is always disagreeable to go into that country.

Once again he says dust which means the bodies.But during this period also I shall not forget to offer my service as a soldier to my nation whenever the need raised, in any capacity whatsoever.