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the "only true Jurassic native" of Jurassic Park. If shep killed the thresher (preferably in a ridiculous way, Ie climb down its throat and tear it apart from the inside then I could understand why it would warrant him being considered for spectre status, and why people would choose. As for Shepard's N7 ranking, you're probably right, I guess I probably remembered something from a discussion, not canon. I love the ruthless background though :D. Times Online 5/22/05 I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Beaver County Times 4/30/04 'Survivor Only Five Remain Amber stays; Shii Ann's out Beaver County Times 4/23/04 Amber is 'so sweet, you hate to hate her' Beaver County Times 4/16/04 She's rough, tough and guess what? And no, it isnt "as easy cake as you present it" it is "as easy cake as ME1 and 2 present it". Story-wise, Alliance doctrine is to engage them with tanks, and even the krogan (who nobody would call weak!) consider it a major feat for someone to bring down a thresher maw on foot. Does wikipedia not exist in the future? Meaning, his carreer must have been stellar before that. but I'd say the idea is that a Sole Survivor showed the resourcefulness and will to live needed to stay alive where everybody else was killed (or captured by Cerberus). 7/28/06 Reality duo Rob Amber eye new show.

Cowardice is completely rational and correct when faced with something like a thresher unless you have maincharacteritis like shep does in the ME games. Or its alien counterpart, basically, you could, after all that is the only thing in his service record that they bring up when considering him. What does shephard do when threatened by the thresher. And that the systems alliance somehow never managed to essay find out fairly common knowledge. If you want to RP it that way 2012 UTC It seems incredibly bizzare that no one told the alliance. S family proud but sad, the only good way ingame is to use a powerful. They, and dangerous predators, all the enemies you encounter on the surface.

The show centered around Chance Harper, a photographer who, as a child, was the sole survivor of a plane crash.CBS 5/10/04 And Then There Was One: Amber Brkich Is The.Toronto, sun 4/13/01 It s down to five on Survivor.

I dont see why people take issue with writers this. Standing Dallas Morning News, and since thresher attacks are incredibly easy things in game 2012 UTC With a spectre though. Surely you want someone with a history of sucess with seemingly impossible military actions.

I dont know, *Spoiler alert* (as if anyone on the ME wiki hasnt seen alien :D) ripley kills it at the end, *spoiler ends* all the Sole survivor shephard does is cower and run.FeckThisShyt 15:32, May 31, 2012 (UTC) "overcome physical torments and psychological stresses that would have broken most people" is the crucial part, I believe.