is light brown in colour and has a strong built. Introduction, i have a black coloured Boxer as a pet. It became a part of my family even before

I was born. Looking at my fondness for these friendly creatures, my mother decided to bring one home. Some people are very scared of dogs because the roadside dogs can harm and bite them. I repeated my wish and she again took it lightly. We also ensure it gets fresh water. We take good care of Barney and always love involving it in different activities. Buddy is the lifeline of our family. We cannot imagine life without him. However, I had never met anyone in real life who had a monkey for a pet. They are not only affectionate towards us but also welcome all our guests with warmth. We dont always chain it when we are out with it so that brand awareness articles it runs around a bit. However, the only problem was that the house stood aloof. It also loves having guests at home. Whenever it sees a stranger entering the house, it smells the person thoroughly. It is super fun to be around Chimpu. It is easier to maintain their fur when it is trimmed. Related Information: Essay on Dog Essay on My Pet Dog Essay on My Pet Cat Paragraph on Dog. It varies according to their size like smaller dogs live a longer life than the bigger ones. He loves me and is very obedient. Though everyone in the family takes care of Swigi, my sister is especially particular about its cleanliness, vaccinations and eating habits. However, it soon started demanding what we ate. We call it Bruno. I always loved monkeys and wanted to pet one. It barks at the sound of any hustle near the home especially at night. We roll the ball towards it and it loves chasing and gripping. It is not the kind of dog who will bark at everyone it sees in the street. While most people stick to dogs and cats, many break this convention and go for rabbits, turtles, snakes, monkeys, horses and what not.

It is calm most of the time but gets quite excited whenever a guest arrives home. I often saw these as pets in essay on my pet dog the movies. The dog is very active and playful. The dog is domestic animal everyone likes to keep pet dogs in their houses. Both me and my brother are quite excited about it and have already started short listing names. My parents shifted to Goa soon after essay on my pet dog their marriage.

Whenever I essay visited her place, it has a broad deep chest with a strong and sturdy back. It loves indulging in various outdoor activities with. Somehow, bunny and Betty love being pampered. It was hyper active and won the hurdle race. Just like small kids, my Pet Animal Essay 5 600 words. Dachshunds are hyper active and always keen on playing different games. I also convinced my father, i also fed them with bread and chapatti. They made it clear that if we were able to maintain it and were comfortable with the way it behaved we would keep.