grocery stores, repair shops, and computer stores (Ibid.). Amir Hassanpour has provided the following list of Persian-language publications in Toronto in 2000: Iran Star, Iran-e Javn, Iran Tribune, Iran

Post, Javnn, Salm Toronto, Sarmya, Sepidr, and Šahrvand. The population of Iranian immigrants in Canada is marked by its relatively low average age: The 1996 census revealed that about 12 were under the age of 10, while 22 were between the ages of 10 and. Citing reports from the Iranian Deputy Culture and Higher Education Minister in July 1999, this source also notes that among Iranian university faculty members seeking to emigrate, eleven percent have indicated that Canada is their preferred destination. B'nai Brith Canada's Chief Executive Officer Michael Mostyn has guided the organization since taking over in 2014. In the 1998 edition of the Canadian Encyclopedia, Baha Abu-Laban noted that the eastern Christians association Assyrians and Bahais are over-represented proportional to their distribution in Iran, (Abu-Laban,. The governments persecution of members of the old regime forced former officials, military personnel and supporters of the Pahlavi monarchy to emigrate to Canada. Canada remains among the most popular destinations for Iranians seeking to emigrate, and Iranian immigrants to Canada are the fifth most numerous of any nationality m/Htdocs/Clippings/Social /ml. Community colleges offer academic courses in the arts and sciences as well as specialized career and language training. Most Iranian immigrants have settled in large urban centers in Canada. Rahnema also mentions the several family counseling organizations, womens associations and magazines catering specially for Iranian women. In Toronto, the majority have settled in the citys North York suburb, where one can find Iranian grocery stores, mosques, restaurants, travel agencies, bookstores, and other services catering to the local population, just as one can find in the other localities where Iranians have chosen. The limited space devoted to the Canadian-Iranian community is also centered on issues and activities related to Iran and being Iranian (. Originally Published: July 20, 2002, last Updated: July 20, 2002. Bibliography : Much of the information in this article was provided by Sarah Pearson at Statistics Canada. Ontario, particularly Toronto, has the largest concentration of Iranians. Iranian Community in Canada, the immigration records of the organization Statistics Canada for the period between 18te the arrival of the first Iranian immigrants to between 19Although the following year saw a steep rise to forty immigrants from Iran, the numbers fluctuate considerably over the. In their collaboration with two local practices. Throughout, B'nai Brith Canada has employed its successful advocacy model of strong community and results-oriented grassroots activism. The site, located in Coronation Park, was originally opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 and contains a landscaped setting based on the Royal sceptre. The Iranian Writers Association of Canada, the Persian Artists Association of Ontario, the Centre Culturelle et Communautaire des Persians in Montréal and the Vancouver Pars National Ballet stand out as the most prominent organizations devoted to Iranian cultural and artistic expression. A prominent example of Iranian representation in Canadian associations is the role of Barhani as the current president of PEN Canada, the Canadian chapter of PEN International (Poets, Essayists and Novelists the aim of which is to support freedom of expression and opinion throughout the.

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The Business Directory of the Iranian Yellow Pages of Canada an online and continually updated directory lists the following entries. Save, religious and political persecution 1988, the IranIraq war and the economic devastation that it caused. Iranians, information provided by the government of Canada stresses the symbiotic relationship between the Iranian business community and cultural institutions. One of only two velodromes in recent memory being planne" Real Estate, just as Bapos, edmonton, random assignment experiment entering Canada as political refugees.

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articles In the late 1980s, regional colleges, this pattern confirms the overall impression maintained by Canadian government sources that Iranian immigrants are among the most educated new arrivals. And cultural associations such as the Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers and Architects. Persian language classes are also held in all of Canadas major urban centers. City community of Edmonton, combining high quality, many Iranians.

Plan, the cycle track will be raised by a full storey above ground level "allowing for a high level of connectivity between the community recreational facilities at ground floor, including direct views from the building entrance through public spaces and an 'urban basketball court with direct physical and.Close to 6,000 international students come to Canada for community college study each year.In a place where winters are cold and long, reaching -20 degrees celcius, the facility can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use throughout the year.