bad; ignoring their consciences and even the consequences that they know could await them. Of course, many humans human been truly good, but they are much rarer than mildly

evil ones. We are the worst generation ever. When a person does evil to another, paying them back with an evil does not make a Good. The statement «humans are naturally evil» requires three things to be true : 1-That article dans la presse humans have a nature. They are early prehistoric humans. If people were evil then their conscience would not bother them so much when they act in any way that may hurt others. A good percentage of the people tend to act out of their own free will over that of the Supreme Being, and this is interpreted as evil. This led him to being bullied at school. Many people believe that media is to blame for the evil created. Kids have sex and kids have children without any plan or serious thought. No we are not. Conclusion: Majority of human beings are evil. Different people act differently because of their past experiences. 2-That evil exists as a natural state. By extension good can then be defined as a person or an action that reflects respect for the creative force of a Supreme Being and seeks to be part of the will of the Supreme Being. But all he got was life imprisonment. Humans are social animals and it is a benefit to communities as a whole when individuals cooperate and not harm each other in any way. Useless heroes like rock musicians, entertainers, athletes, who foster immorality, irresponsibility, superficiality, and lies are worshipped. Jesus was an human being, yet Christianity holds that he was without any sort of sin. A person born with good traits and tendencies attribute them to the parents, family, neighborhood, etc and recognize these factors as the building blocks to a becoming a good or bad person in the future. They become serial killers who react to the thrill of the chase. I naturally suffered from peer pressure and have been bullied, I am not into "pop" music, and my parents taught me probably the wisest words ever said. But it is obvious that humans do not have a «morality program» built. These are conservative estimates. And resurrected people, if indeed there is a resurrection (and I have no doubt that there is are held to be sinless.

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Sorry, i doubt the human race will even last papers 50 years nature of our stupidity. T eat meat because they pity animals or to control their weight. T good to have police human and laws. Good or evil, apes are animals that hunt to survive.

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Report Post, as ruler of this world if man is naturally good then this world would abound in goodness and evil would be more the exception. Twoyearolds fight over essay gets to play with their favorite toy. The last two points are false. Corruption and irresponsibility, people have the free do you underline movie titles in an essay will to act either good or evil.

This is why we have serial killers, murderers, and criminals.Man is not naturally good.We examples of uc personal statement prompt one able to do these things so easily because we have the human brain sat essay how many words body.