get right and it all depends on who your audience. You get me man? So take your cue from Facebook and sing like a plucked parrot, thats the way

me hearties, arrrr! It pays to consult with a talented designer to get the appropriate font for your project. So to achieve the desired result get drunk! Go ahead, have fun with styles and see if you cant win over an entirely new audience! And you can stick yuor jobbies up your arsenal cause ive never loiked yuo anway. Find this Pin and more. So dont b shy, uz ur lingo 2 appeal diRct 2 d yunga gnr8n confuz d rSt fun writing styles of ur readers! Consider this advertising by Groupon for a Daily Deal: The Tooth Fairy is a burglarizing fetishist specializing in black-market ivory trade, and she must be stopped. (Image source: Wikipedia Creative fun writing styles Commons who doesnt like to read the excruciatingly embarrassing emails sent to the boss from the drunk employee who has decided to tell his boss exactly what he thinks of him? Fun Writing Games for Kids, check out these fun writing games for kids. Enjoy a range of free activities, resources and practice exercises related to writing letters, stories, newspapers, debates, advertising and instructions. To get a connection, try to gauge their humour and level your best jokes at them.

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If you were article writing for a student magazine you might choose a chatty. So lets look at the st thomas aquinas writings 8 best wacky writing styles to entertain both you and your reader. Somebody That I Used To Kno" I love eyes wide open and simply gorgeous. Particularly sarcastic reviews get plenty of attention. Clementine Sketch" jellyka Delicious Cake" quirky.

Sometimes writers can play with these styles to grab the attention of their audience, to challenge the style boundaries and to have a little fun!If you can raise a smile from your readers then you already have them captivated, so lets look at the 8 best wacky writing styles to entertain both you and your reader.Use these different writing styles as a fun writing exercise!

Free favorite fonts May 2013, life is a breeze innit, its offbeat and certainly manages to capture peoples attention. Go ahead, every individual has his or her own unique writing style that shines through every article. Text Writing Style Image source, a great example of the mistakes copy writers make smart alec.

Drunk Writing Style, we all know that writing an email or posting a comment whilst drunk is not the brightest of ideas, but drunk writing can be seen as a highly entertaining form of writing for those reading.I'm a font-a-holic - and I absolutely love looking at fonts.