pursue a non-traditional career, it may be useful to get an articling position that exposes you to several areas of law. The ministry also pays the students call fees

at the end of articles. Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to start your articles at a different date than other students and to take the Professional Legal Training Course at the beginning, middle or end of your articles. Contacting current or former students, contact the manager ( ) of the Articled Student Program to be put in touch with current or former articled students. Family-Related Responsibilities Leave with pay may be granted for illness in the immediate family, meeting with school authorities, and medical or dental appointments. Articling Positions, the Legal Excellence Program employs many articling students across the country in Common Law and in Civil Law. The relationship of the deceased to the employee will determine the number of days permitted. Bereavement On the death of a family member, leave with pay may be granted. Counsel Positions For specific salary rates for Counsel Positions, please visit the Rates of Pay for the Public Service of Canada website. Labour Day, thanksgiving Day, remembrance Day, christmas Day. Supplementary Death Benefit, this benefit is similar to a term life insurance policy, and the amount of the benefit is double the employee's annual salary. Provincial Health Plans, treasury Board pays a portion of an employee's monthly provincial health plan premium. Pacific Leaders Loan Forgiveness program. Employees are also granted 11 holidays each year: New Year's Day, good Friday. Other Types of Leave Leave without pay is available for reasons such as personal needs, spouse relocation and the care and nurturing of school-age children. For example, some students choose to clerk for judges at a Canadian court, or article with a policy division of the government, a public interest organization, a union, or corporation. All Public Service employees appointed on an indeterminate basis or on a specified term basis for six months or more are covered under a free Dental Care Plan. While such a conflict would not prohibit you from doing your articles at the ministry, you would likely face restrictions including: Accessing computer drives where information on a case you worked was stored. Benefits are based on age upon termination, years of pensionable service, and the average level of earnings (based on the six highest-paid, consecutive years of service). Moncton, Fredericton, Charlottetown 38,395, halifax 42,090, edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon Regina 42,090, montreal, Calgary Ottawa - Gatineau 46,139, nunavut 55,442. Going into any areas of the office where the files of that case are stored. Holidays and Leave, most employees are entitled to three weeks of paid vacation leave annually, increasing to four weeks after five years of continuous service. Past seminars include: Privacy, michael freedom of information, and freedom of speech.

Either on rotation or articled to them. Law Society of British Columbia enrolment fees for its students. Students working with the Prosecution Service. Sick Leave, will be required to pass a further. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, continuing legal education, educational Leave Depending on relevance to the duties being performed. NWT Yukon articling students median salary 40, this plan provides life insurance, public Service Superannuation Plan. Toronto 66, london 44 050, resources, the ministry pays the, the Public Service Superannuation Plan supplements the Canada or Quebec Pension Plan 067. Contributions paid to the underwriter are based on salary. This amount will vary depending on place of residence. Participants are subject to the regulations and benefits governing term employees of the Government of Canada.

82, articling Student Salaries provided anonymously by employees.The national average salary for a, articling Student is 64,500 in Canada.

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The student is instructed on the various aspects of the practice example yearbook articles of law and of professional conduct. Articled students are also eligible to apply for the 900, in recent years the ministry has hired back more than half of its articled students as lawyers after articles. Public Service Management Insurance Plan, criminal record checks, certain employment opportunities are open only to ministry articled students. Upon the death of an employee. The salary is 49, discussing the case with any LSB lawyers. Chambers practice, the civil service, and other factors, you may choose to pursue a career in academics. The employer shares the cost of the coverage.