your main topic. E,m Mountain Quest : Students organize into research teams to recommend locations and characteristics for a new ground-based observatory; develops web-based research skills and teaches about

requirements for a modern astronomical observatory. M,h Lotto or Life : Compares estimating ones chances of winning the lottery to estimating the chances of the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence (using the Drake Equation). Ask our professional writers to assist you not only in deciding a unique topic but for producing the superior quality research paper within the shortest period. AAS Press Officer, view all posts by Richard Fienberg. Unfortunately, the activity was written before Pathfinder landed, and has not been updated with what the mission actually discovered. What telescope/accessories should I buy? E Looking for Young Features on Europa : This is an image processing activity (using a free program called NIH Image) in which students analyze an intriguing image of Europa sent back by the Galileo spacecraft and learn how to tell the relative ages. M,h Martian Sun-Times : An interesting activity by two teachers at the University of Chicago Laboratory School in which students become reporters for a martian newspaper, and have to do stories about the weather on the red planet. (Good use of real data!) Some of the too-cute web features may discourage older students, but hard-copy versions are available and can be down-loaded. A classic activity by Guy Ottewell. M,h (A similar activity using an image with outflow channels and craters is found at: ml ) Graphing Stratospheric Ozone magazine : Downloading and making graphs from satellite data about concentrations of ozone in the Earths atmosphere; encourages discussion of social issues involved. Table of contents Appendix: Some Activity Books writers That Can be Printed Out These guides are typically in pdf format, which means they require Adobes free Acrobat Reader software to print out. M,h Making Months : A horrible web address hides a cute little calculation activity by Evan Manning that emphasizes the difficulty of making calendars from unconnected astronomical periods, by asking students to come up with a calendar that will work for an imaginary planet. H Your Weight on Other Worlds : Presents a behind-the-scenes calculator to help students figure out what they would weigh on other planets, moons, and stars.

Astronomy research topics high school. How people deal with time management techniques scholarly article

It has list of astronomy sites that journal writing template manifesto article about us will be able to help you. H A similar activity, elizabeth Roettgers activity uses a roll of toilet paper to measure out the. So students can measure scale by unrolling a roll.

The Journal of the aavso (jaavso founded in 1972 and professionally edited and produced, is a refereed journal that publishes high -quality student research as well as other research on variable stars and related topics.If you are a high school or college astronomy instructor with an interest in astronomy and with students looking for.By Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College.S.P.).

Astronomy research topics high school

Use data from the internet to examine planetary time temperatures and weather patterns. E Suns Impact on Earths Temperature, e table of contents The Seasons and the Sun in the Sky How Many Days are in a headline Year. And the scientific study of celestial objects.

Star Gazing:  If the other sites dont help you find what you need this site should point you in the right direction.Additions or suggestions for future editions of this list are most welcome.