needs. . Regardless if you call yourself a hipster, this theme is clean and easy to follow with a white background and more traditional WordPress-type layout complete with a

left sidebar. Tumblr themes for photographers and photobloggers. The theme is setup look a bookshelf and is ideal for someone who uses their Tumblr to share what they are reading, book reviews, author spotlights, etc. Verbage also supports infinite scrolling. FeelinBlue is the power of whitespaces, great big writers typography and minimalist look. Palladium Tumblr theme is perfect for all those who love the visual of an organized blog and are true to the Tumblr tradition! Albert Česká republika g, teta drogerie Česká republika g, orion Česká republika. My only suggestion for improvement is that the font color is a bit light. Demo Download, penoolis is designed for bloggers and writers who like a simple, clean and spacious layout for their blogs. Download the Contrast Theme Price. Download, jubilee, jubilee is a modern, clean and simple theme for your Tumblr or WordPress. This free Tumblr theme is great for the Tumblr hobbyist or Dabbler who wants to share the latest inspiration in something outside of Pinterest! The minimal Tumblr themes listed above support all post types like text, images, videos and"s. This theme supports all post types, ajax pagination, Disqus comments, integration with Google Analytics and social media links. The theme sports lots of whitespace in its layout, is fully responsive and supports Google web fonts and Disqus comments. The page is split in half and the cover of your book is on the right hand side of the page and content is on the left side. In which each of the post type can be customizable too. modern sorority girl pink and green along with a cream scheme. Other features include support for pull"s and block"s, color customizations, social sharing buttons and Disqus comment integration for better engagement with readers.

Free tumblr themes for writing blogs

Techy 2012 blue and orange is it just me or is blue orange the sweet spot for for themes tech startups these days. Space Traveler is a great theme for traditional writers whose content is more writingfocused than Tumblrs who focus on posting pictures. Minimalistic Tumblr theme mostly for text blogs. Material Design Tumblr themes, we have compiled a list of minimal Tumblr themes for writers and bloggers. Agantuka features a narrow width single column layout. Simpletext, it almost looks like a newspaper of the future with its centered logo and clean navigation menu.

Noir Do you swoon over the style of the 1940s and 50s. It is highly customizable and it is easy to navigate trough the posts. Reading The Reading Tumblr theme is one of the most unique listed here in that the layout looks like a book a real. Google fonts and social icons, then you might want to check out our collection. Its simple one column layout and large typography makes reading an enjoyable experience. With its clean and simple layout. If youre planning thesis to start a photo blog and are searching for Tumblr themes with multi column grid layouts to display your photos.

Toscana category favorite: The Toscana theme has a cool and slightly edgy feel about.With its modern typography, Paper offers great readability and is perfect for writers.It reminds me of what subways look likein movies.