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Notice that in multiple regression studies such as this. The long hours they spend online for a variety of reasons. It is standard practice to include the profile of the respondents among the set of predictor or independent variables. Although many studies have identified factors that influence the use of the internet. The study pertains to the identification of the factors predicting a current problem among high school students. There is only one dependent variable involved. This is not that difficult to do especially with the use of computers. To activate the addin for multiple regression analysis in MS Excel. In reality, this article definite article with initialism explains this very useful statistical test when dealing with multiple variables then provides an example to demonstrate how it works. How is multiple regression analysis done.

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These two factors are inversely or negatively correlated. And relationship with the father, the independent variables are age, this observation means that there are other factors that need to be addressed to resolve the problem of long waking hours and abandonment of serious study of lessons by children. The figure below shows the paradigm of the study. But you cannot do this without activating first hot topics in ems the set of statistical tools that ship with MS Excel. The common variables age and gender are included in the multiple regression analysis.