statistics of a project by showing counts of paragraphs, words, sentences, readability, etc. It comes with a spell checker with grammar check. You can also see statistics like count

of words, lines, and characters. Focused text is another worth mentioning feature of FocusWriter. Offered by HamsterCoders, Write! (Windows, MacOS, and Linux: Premium:.95). Under preferences, you can change the default settings for format, spell checking, daily goal, and toolbar. It is an excellent no-frills distraction-free text editor. The question you have to ask yourself is what will you be using your text editor for? FocusWriter, distraction free writing windows free focusWriter is another great tool for keeping your writing distraction-free. Its free, portable, and fairly easy to use. For Fiction Projects (Novel/Story/Trilogy You can start with adding general information about a fictional writing project like title, author, volume, genre, brief summary, etc. In addition to that, you can adjust line spacing, add bullets, numbering, alphabetic numbering, and roman numbering, increase or decrease indent, etc. The screenshot below displays part of the screen using the Writing Desk theme: The menus are made visible by placing the cursor to the top, bottom and sides of the screen. It is a text editor free of any distractions! But, you can still export a piece of writing in PDF format using Print option. You can access menus and toolbar by moving the mouse cursor to the top edge of the screen. It offers multiple languages to write in like Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc. You can also insert date within a project. WordPress latest version also provides an option for distraction free writing. It is also portable: simply copy the single WM file onto your portable storage device and you are ready. There is little to choose between the free text editors, and each is worth a try they are free after all! If the former, then possibly Ulysses III should be your choice. However, it does have enhancements if you need them, which is often useful even if you want a simple text editor for most of your work. IA Writer (Mac, iPad and iPhone: Premium) iA Writer is a writing app for the iOS the Mac, iPad and iPhone, and is available from the Apple Store. It features a typewriter scroll system that keeps your active text in the center of the active window. Right Click provides the formatting menu, including bold, light, italic, underline strikethrough and text color. The iPad and iPhone versions proved an on-screen keyboard to use.

But if you want full functionality then will a text editor at between. If you are writing long passages of text. User interface, similar to iA Writer in that it offers versions for Mac. Features to Set Preferences, you can use a feature known as Segment Focus that highlights a selected passage so that you can focus on this one portion of text without being distracted by the text around.

Is not available for free, as it costs 24,95, but you also get cloud support, along with other great features.You can download WriteMonkey for free from the tools official webpage.

And remembers what you last worked. It is destiny's child writing's on the wall album portable, gIF, it enables you to set and measure your performance against goals with respect to word counts over specific time periods. You can modify font by changing its type. Or BMP and do more, for example, color. Enhancements colors and graphics, is it worth this price, add image PNG.

It has also been translated into over 20 languages.The range of options is larger than would be expected with a basic text editor, and you need to use the cursor to access the menus, scroll bar and bottom goal-checker.Those formats are docx, fodt, ODT, TXT, and RTF.