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warnings, some tongue-in-cheek, regarding inattentive driving, trespassing, and being targeted by criminals due to being unaware of one's surroundings. The national goal for the past five years has been to mainstream all children. Collectibles, such as promotional trading cards, have been available with some of the films. On March 27, 2007, a tenth anniversary CD was released containing 18 tracks from the English dub; this was the first English-language release in over five years. These releases were commonplace until late 2001. One girl wore cat ears on her head, for no apparent reason. 96 A debate among fans exists over which of the two franchises came first. It has yet to catch on, Heikkinen admits. 64 In 2001, Saudi Arabia banned Pokémon games and the trading cards, alleging that the franchise promoted Zionism by displaying the Star of David in the trading cards (a six-pointed star is featured in the card game) as well as other religious symbols such. Magdaleno, Alex (February 20, 2014). Fitzgerald, Jim (December 3, 1999). In 1963, the Finnish Parlia-ment made the bold decision to choose public education as its best shot at economic recovery. 84 This was the first reported death in connection with the app. Children learn better when they are ready. Neiburger, Eli (July 1, 2007).

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