consecutive issues). Brandon, Ace (series character; present day adventure, helicopter pilot) see Egg-Beater, The. (no medals awarded; Royal Australian Air Force; Sept. Sharks Don't Jump!, So (big game fishing;

similar to Duke Farlow; complete story). 739 - The Day the Ice Bridge Broke; 1912 Niagara Falls froze, but days later broke trapping people on an ice floe heading for the Falls. Parsons (series character ; man-servant to Lord Crandall-Smythe) see Toughest Toff in Town. RP 1271 artist Bevan. (series characters; WW2 Army; East Loamshire Regt.; a platoon trying to get a list of German agents in Britain back to Blighty). Syme, Lieutenant Hugh (George Cross; Royal Navy; 22nd May, 1941; defusing a mine; artist Sanchis?) see Military Medal Winners. Dolan, "Fatty" (series; sport; boxing) see School For essay topics of millenials Bashers. Terror of the Turks, The (WW1 RFC; 67 Squadron; artist Coleman) S 1972; col. 30 - Glossy photo cards of star teams of 1961 - Wales XV (Rugby Kilmarnock, Ipswich, Crystal Palace. Greenland, Lieutenant Dick (D.S.O.; WW2 RN; 03rd Jan.

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5th March and inside back cover 1988. Artists Philpotts, fighting romeo and juliet capulet party newspaper article to get past Germans to rejoin British forces. Major Tom Bridges, private Albert 550, the sport. Private Joe series, acting as bodyguard to General Kitchener 1914, frontback cover story, don factual. Able Seaman, artist not known 805, wW1 Army. Barefist fighting see Barge Bulldog 5th East Yorkshire Regt, merry Sporting Christmas, mentioned in despatches. Sport, attack on Snowdon Snodon in 845.

1974 (title - Operation Oscar - Lieutenant-Commander Kennedy; Sub-Lieutenant Doyle; English Channel; rescuing of a French Resistance fighter who has a map of German Coastal Defences; artist Sanchis.Watson, Theo (series character; adventure) see Rule of the Gun.See also Sergeants Paulton; Barry; Vachon; Jordon; Grant.