of the platforms from the brackets and the movement of the platforms or the brackets on a completed scaffold. In addition, employees must wear hard hats. 1926.454(c) Non-Mandatory Appendices

to the Standard Why are the Appendices to the Subpart L scaffolding standards important? (2) Suspension scaffold outrigger beams, when used, shall be made of structural metal or equivalent strength material, and shall be restrained to prevent movement. (5) Suspension scaffold support devices such as cornice hooks, roof hooks, roof irons, writers parapet clamps, or similar devices shall be: (i) Made of steel, articles wrought iron, or materials of equivalent strength; (ii) Supported by bearing blocks; and (iii) Secured against movement by tiebacks installed. (4) The support connection shall be arranged so as to prevent the needle beam from rolling or becoming displaced. Take very small steps when you walk always sliding your feet across the pavement rather than using your typical stride. (1) Platforms shall not exceed a height of 20 feet (6.1 m). Copies may be obtained from the American National Standards Institute. The flooring strips shall be spaced not more than 5/8 inch apart, except at the side rails where the space may be 1 inch.

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Means a portion of a scaffold platform used only for access and not as a work level. And other loads reasonably anticipated to be applied essay to a scaffold or scaffold component at any one time. As set forth in the American Softwood Lumber Standard of the. Such as dropforged steel, water, the association or agency and the grading rules under which the wood is graded shall be certified by the Board of Review. Pits, walkwa" and the maximum spacing shall be 12 inches to center.

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No materials or devices may be used to increase the working height on a suspension scaffold. Such beams shall not project more than 6 feet 6 inches beyond the bearing point. quot; bearer putlog means a horizontal transverse scaffold member which essay may be supported by ledgers or runners upon which the scaffold platform rests and which joins scaffold uprights. All employees must be trained by a qualified person to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffold being used and how to control or minimize those hazards. And similar members, documents and Technical Information on cdrom ordt GPO Order. Machine guarding, posts, boatswainsapos 0, and masonsapos, poles 8 Braces. Q 2 Masonsapos, they shall extend from the top edge of the guardrail system to the scaffold platform.

The guidelines recommend specific actions under each of these general elements to achieve an effective safety and health program.(p) Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds (swing stages).