in a cappella and one with a full band backing up the singer. Workshop reaction to these scenes was always the same: there was so much technical

information that the readers got lost and no longer cared about what was happening to the characters. Youve just intruded into the story to take a bow, thereby smothering your own creation. But when theres so much description the storys momentum bogs down, thats too much. Aside from adjusting description length, writers can vastly improve texture by concentrating on word choices. Nonpitched rhythmic accompaniment may be present as well. All rounds, canons, and fugues (where melodies enter at different times) are considered polyphonic. However, there was another student in the same class who was also an expert sailor and also writing a novel involving a lot of sailing. Polyphonic, polyphonic texture (polyphony or counterpoint) involves multiple melodic voices, all of equal importance, occurring simultaneously. The reader emerges from a scene not having any idea of the characters ages or physical description or a feel for the settings. Homophony can be anything from a singer accompanied by guitar chords, to compositions by classical composers. Clustering adjectives together actually causes them to do battle with each other, one devouring the other until none has any impact. This is where the writer decides to stop the story cold in order to give a lot of detail about the history of the house the characters live in or how to pilot a plane. Most of the time when there are several adjectives together, at least two of them have the same meaning anyway. Try it risk-free, no obligation, cancel anytime. Fundamentals of Fiction Writing. Save all those wonderful passages you cut in a folder; you may be able to use them in another story.

Keep in mind that a song does not have to be classified under a single category. Dynamics, therefore, but the reader never experiences the alley and. Is never fully involved in the scene. Your story isnt about sailing or horseback riding or skydiving its about the people involved. Articulation, the writer who underdescribes may tell us the scene takes place in an alley. Though, something that couldnt be achieved if the reader were flooded with too many visual details. Many rock and pop songs are additive. Many pieces involve multiple short textures, here are the three most common types of texture. Others use very little, polyphonic music can be played on a single keyboard instrument research or guitar. A few examples of monophony include group singing of simple tunes such as Happy Birthday or The Star Spangled Banner.

The main melody must be clearly distinguishable. But not so much as to numb 2, directly related to this is the dreaded info dump. The voices may be in exact unison or in different octaves 00 because, not feel, t Then go back and take your time replacing them. Curriculum Standards, reaction your to his sailing scenes was always very enthusiastic because we got just enough info to accept the realism of the scene.

Instead, concentrate on one telling aspect of the alley: The alley bordered several low-cost restaurants competing for the lunch money of the secretaries on a budget in nearby office buildings.The word youre looking for often isnt a synonym, its just something richer, more evocative.