reporters she had admired. Read more: RT looks at how powerful men are protecting themselves against sexual harassment allegations. Jordan Chariton, a former reporter for the Young Turks, has

filed a lawsuit against the Huffington Post for.5 million over their publishing of what he says were false sexual assault allegations. In an article on Medium, Chariton proclaimed his innocence. In his first story, Chiakulas said that he had been excited to work for tatm, a project to mobilize independent journalists. How dare you do this to actual survivors?, she wrote, later adding, You are doing a disservice to survivors like. I have written statements from the other two people in the room confirming that they heard me ask the woman receiving oral sex if she was Ok and if I could approach her intimately- and most importantly, heard her consent. He said that he had no personal vendetta against Chariton, whom he never met, but was simply choosing to believe women. He is an honest person, and he has treated me with complete respect during our time together. When asked by the Gateway Pundit if he believes that Chariton will win, his lawyer Bill Moran stated, hes innocent. Jordan Chariton filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of New writing York Wednesday, alleging libel and defamation over a since-deleted post detailing allegations of sexual misconduct against him. But since writers Jordan found out we were talking about this and tried to pre-empt us with a shameful statement of his own, I needed to get this started. Trigger warning for description of sexual assault. The authors claims are false and he needs to issue a correction immediately. These women are going to come forward and tell their stories when they are ready (which will be soon, they tell me). The filing on Wednesday signals the first concrete step in that direction. Claudia Stauber had interviewed Lyons on Facebook Live about her version of what happened that night.

Since Harvey Weinsteins downfall 5 million for damages to his personal and professional reputation. Here is what she wrote, story Continued Below, he wrote in his post that the accusations were baseless and defamatory. Carly Hammond Worked for Charitons News Organization. He once upon a time writing gif admitted, jordan Chariton Accused by Former Employees of Sexual Abuse. Was the target of a piece published in November entitled. But was reflexology research papers not given consent to share. He wrote, the post was later taken down after Chariton cast it as false and defamatory online.

A statement from Truth, against, the Machine Editor-in-Chief Sam Oser said a lawsuit against the author and, huff Post is being weighed Fans of The Young Turks.Jordan Chariton were shocked when they awoke on Friday to an article from HuffPost that accused the journalist of sexual harassment.

She said," those who continue to harass me about this will be contacted by a lawyer. And" graceanne Parks wasnt mentioned by name. Are among th" graceanne Parks made a post to her personal Facebook page why i like my hometown essay stating that Christian Chiakulas was the author of the HuffPost article.

She said she told Chiakulas certain things in order to gain access to what he was doing, and she never experienced any sexual harassment from Chariton.Ruel said: Having met Jordan, having heard how Jordan speaks about women, I do believe these accusations are true.That is all I am willing to say at this time.