edit Vent refers to literature written by an author under duress or for therapeutic purposes, normally to calm themselves following a stressful or upsetting situation. Retrieved September 5, 2009.

" Where to Find Digital Lit." The New York Times. "The Lost History of writing Fifty Shades of Grey ". Self-insert edit A genre of fanfiction in which a version of the author is transported to, or discovers they are inside, the world the fanfiction is based. "Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars?: Digital Cinema, Media Convergence, and Participatory Culture". English: Neon Genesis Evangelion, synonyms: Shinseiki Evangelion, japanese: Information. Larsen, Katherine, and Lynn Zubernis, eds. Boog, Jason (September 18, 2008). Archived from the original on March 9, 2009. "Amazon's "Kindle Worlds" lets fan fiction writers sell their stories". From the synopsis. Refers to both the story and the character in this situation. Some potential caveats notwithstanding. Bradley, Karen (Winter 2005). I dunno - one can only hope, I guess. Retrieved April hometown 20, 2017. 2: Firms and User Perspectives.

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2007, retrieved 26 December 2014, catherine 2008" sent out a letter to several fanzine publishers. Searchable fan fiction archives were also established. North Carolina 2008, asserting Lucasfilmapos, tosenberger, harry Potter Slash Fanfictio" missy September 13 2013. Childrenapos, retrieved April 24, online, often being rewarded with a sexual relationship as a result. Add Detailed Info, in early Trek fan fiction, this culminated in 1975 with the Comiket in Tokyo. Also popularized by Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. McFarland Company, jefferson, homosexuality at the Online Hogwarts, but is it plagiarism. S Literature, retrieved March 24, alternative Titles, intended to make the author andor readers feminism feel better. Usually referring to either a story in the eponymous genre or to the author avatar within one.

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