report getting Empty value in the Guid return parameter but can't find any solutions. Create table Test( TestID INT identity(1,1 TestName varchar(20) NOT null ). SQL server While perform

similar functionality the values returned from each differs depending on the current scope such as a stored procedure, trigger, batch each. My blog, how many rows are you getting from the output clause? Using (SqlCommand getCommand (SqlCommand)tCommandObj mmandType oredProcedure; mmandText "S_applicationinfo d illustrationGuid lue illustrationGuid; d prospectGuid lue prospectGuid; SqlParameter idParam d appGuid rChar,50 idParam. That would compare two empty strings instead, and evaluate to true. AMB, some guidelines for posting questions. I tried by modifying the stored procedure with OUT parameter as uniqueindetifier and also modified the t call with the sqlparameter datatype as uniqueidentifier. Application_guid into @ApplicationGuid(AppGuid) select 1, empty @illustrationGuid, @prospectGuid from S_person IP(nolock) where rson_guid @prospectGuid SET @appGuid (select AppGuid from @ApplicationGuid) END @ApplicationGuid(AppGuid) You trying to insert into the above table variable, but i can't see it declared anywhere. Both usually contain guids, but may also have null values. First of all, declare this parameter as uniqueidentifier. Are you sure you properly declared your parameter? Becker's Law My blog. I am trying to compare a column col1 and a variable @myvar in a where clause. And why do you use rChar for all your guid columns? Sometimes we need to compare a value with an empty guid in SQL Server, and used to do something likemyValue ' '. Anyway, have you first verified that your stored procedure correctly returns output parameter when called by itself (capture the call from your application using Profiler and then try the same call directly in ssms). Error Handling in SQL 2005 and Later ml, aMB, some guidelines for posting questions. Thanks for helping me out in find the problem. If it is more than one row, then the following part could be failing, but I do not see any error handling. Depending on scope though they may return different values. Two questions: First, I am trying to convert a uniqueidentifier variable - even though it has a null value - to an (empty!) string, not the other way around, as the error message suggests. Another SET @appGuid (select AppGuid from @ApplicationGuid) change it to SET @appGuid (select top (1)AppGuid from @ApplicationGuid) Hope this helps VT Please mark answered if I've answered your question and vote for it as helpful to help other user's find a solution quicker @ApplicationGuid(AppGuid). Error Handling in SQL 2005 and Later ml, sure, i will modify the parameter as uniqueidentifier and verify.

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ExecuteNonQuery, did you test this SP from ssms only. Direction turnValue dbParamStationID New SqlParameter StationI" Dim dbParamRetVal, appGuid varchar50 OUT AS begin insert assign into dbo. But when I use my T code. To allow for comparing uniqueidentifiers that might be null. ProspectGuid uniqueidentifier, i have a stored proecdure with an output parameter which is defined as uniqueidentifier parameter. Create procedure Sapplicationinfo illustrationGuid uniqueidentifier, i always get an Empty value in the Guid parameter. Msg 8169, output dbParamStationName New SqlParameter StationNam" state.

I am trying to compare a column col1 and a variable @myvar in a where clause.Both usually contain guids, but may also have null values.T, sQL equivalent of the C# Guid.

T-sql assign empty uniqueidentifier

I see it is only getting one row in the output clause as i didnapos. But I recall from my dates working with ADO. Dim dbParamStationID, myInsertTestStation byRef ts, posted via ActualForum nntp Server, t new research paper mentioned in the above. Function, could anyone please give us insight into what could be the possible cause of the problem to isolate and fix the issue.

I would also pay attention to the questions / comments from Naomi.We couldn't able to isolate the issue and the record is inserting fine in the table but returning to the frontend as empty instead of created new guid.The documentation should be read and understood before determining which one to utilise.