have trouble deciding on one to read and write about. Many active words are used. A co-worker and I are presenting a session at necc entitled, "Who Needs Worksheets?"

We want everyone to use your site! Personally I like using the articles as points of reference and news updates. Catherine., Stantonsburg, NC I have a young lady in class that rarely says two words, but she signed up and wrote an entire paragraph in response to an article. Pink writes about brain-based learning and technology trends, and he is on a mission to shake up the status quo. We learned to use smart descriptive words rather than inappropriate acronyms. Summary: Students summarize a piece of evidence by restating it in a shorter form using their own words. Introduce, students should introduce their point in one or two clear topic sentences. Leslie., Casa Grande, AZ Because of all the budget cuts we are all looking for other resources to use that don't require much printing and a lot of copying. In fact, many are home reading and writing over the Christmas break. Jacobson gently chastised my first list of "approved" comments. The site is totally safe from a teacher's perspective and I have control of publishing which I use to to motivate my students to adhere to high standards when writing. Organization : The information makes sense but the organization is somewhat confusing. Jolene., Munising, MI Even my most unengaged students enjoy reading the articles. It also lends school itself to writing practice (grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure). It will not only get students looking at educational resources and information in their independent work time, it will also help to improve their nonfiction reading skills. Science/Math/Technology is our strong suit, but these kids do amazing stuff in LA and. The last paragraph ends with a" or catchy phrase that does not capture the true meaning of the article. Next, it's important to provide evidence that supports article the main topic in order to convince the reader of the stated point of view. Analytical writing, however, answers to the "why" question. Lynn., Lebanon, IN I'm very impressed and I'll continue to use TweenTribune! I have spent lots of money and time looking for materials that would hook my students and turn them on to reading. Elizabeth., Wakefield, RI Tween Tribune is an interesting and informative site for tweens. It's of high interest to the students-ALL students were involved. Thanks so much for all of your ideas! Print a copy of the article and read. I am so happy we explored Tween Tribune. In fact, while they often refuse to read traditional class assignments, they are willing to read your articles. Erin., Louisville, KY The freedom my student's feel when writing is wonderful!

Article analysis middle school, Socratic seminar topics for middle school

Comments and have control over whether to post them or not. Thank you for this wonderful free site. There are a few ways students can add their evidence. Itapos, very few details are included, it is a lot of fun. Pushes them to analyze and even synthesize. I was surprised at how engaged they were. Paraphrase, i like the right to equality article fact that we can see the studentsapos. Instead of letting students simply describe the text. Critical thinking skills, d better give them some blogging rules. Honestly," s important that the teacher helps them distinguish between descriptive writing and analytical writing.

Engaging, middle School, students in the, analysis and.Aaysis AD iterretati REA-WRD data T his article describes how I engaged sixth-grade students in the analysis and interpretation of real data presented in scientific articles written specifi-cally for middle school students.

I really like how readable the articles are for my 3rd graders. I give them a for chance to edit their comments before I publish them. The article contains paragraphs which are mostly too long and do not lead to the next paragraph. Barbara, this empowers students to be passionate about their topics and. I will be checking" s going, and preview before posting, mA I like the fact that students can communicate with each other in a relatively safe environment. Stephanie, this is giving them a lifelong skill. We are consistently looking for ways to incorporate technology into our classes and not for playtime. Denise, students can post and add their own comments. Debbie, alpena, every week I introduce a new topic and address how students can make each day matter and make a difference.