example, if you select Any and set the outcome percentage to 60, then at runtime, whichever outcome reaches 60 becomes the final voted outcome. When you select one of

the patterns from the Assignment Pattern list, a description of your selection appears in the text box. If you are participants using parallel participant types, you can specify where to store the subtask payload with the following options. Define state machine routing rules for your task using Oracle Business Rules. You can specify the following types of task outcomes: Select a seeded outcome Enter a custom outcome The task outcomes can also have runtime display values that are different from the actual outcome value specified here. Instructions for configuring the following subsections of the Edit Participant Type dialog for the serial participant type are listed in Table 29-9. We are ready to consider any suggestions and options for possible cooperation to create an individual sponsor package for your company, and we are grateful for their support. In a single-task participant list, only one user is required to act on the task. Similarly, clicking Reportees displays the reportees of a selected user or group. If the EDL file was selected from the file-based MDS connection, you are not prompted. For example: You create a parameter for an order ID element for placing an order from a store front application. For more information about the task owner, see Section, "Task Stakeholders." To specify a task owner: Select a method for specifying the task owner: Statically through the identity service user directory or the list of application roles Dynamically through an XPath expression For example:. In Figure 29-59, when the task expires, it is escalated at most three times. Click Change this property in the list, and click Apply. If the expiration duration is specified at the routing slip level instead of at the participant type level, then this duration is the expiration duration of the task across all the participants. Instructions for configuring the following subsections of the General tab of the Notification section are listed in Table 29-15.

Assigning your participants table

Select Rulebased, rules return the list builder of the same type as the one modeled in Oracle JDeveloper. And due dates 6, this value is the complete the class certificate name of the Java class that implements outingSlipCallback. EuropeanRussian business Association erba in cooperation with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and LE conseil DES experts.

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Select Autoassign to a single list. If you select this option, you can also search on titles in Oracle BPM Worklist. One or more users or groups can be highlighted assigning your participants table and selected by clicking Select. When searching, click the Advanced tab, modify the message wording assigning your participants table as necessary. In the Edit Participant Type dialog for the parallel type. Enables you to define task details such as title.

The rules define the list builder and the parameters.Instructions for configuring the following subsections of the Edit Participant Type dialog for the parallel participant type are listed in Table 29-8 : Table 29-8 Edit Participant Type Parallel Type Specifying the Voting Outcome You can specify a voted-upon outcome that overrides the default outcome.For information about troubleshooting human workflow issues, see section ".