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the question, How do we define success and measure impact to continuously improve? Research Findings, findings from extensive research during the last century on the efficacy of grade retention warrant serious consideration. There are multiple explanations for the negative effects associated with grade retention, including: 1) the absence of specific remedial strategies to enhance social or cognitive competence; 2) failure to address the risk factors associated with retention; and 3) the consequences of being over-age for grade. Winning the battle and losing the war: Examining the relation between grade retention and dropping out of high school. Retained students are also less likely to be enrolled in a writing post-secondary education program and more likely to receive lower education/employment status ratings, be paid less per hour, and receive poorer employment competence ratings at age 20 in comparison to a group of low-achieving, promoted. Strategies for Increasing the Number of Ethnic Minority Teachers. Minority teachers leave teaching at higher rates than white teachers. Evidence from research and practice highlights the importance of seeking alternatives that will promote social and cognitive competence of children and enhance educational outcomes. Specifically, in addition to lower levels of academic adjustment in eleventh grade and a greater likelihood of dropping out of high school by age 19, retained students are also less likely to receive a diploma by age. "Neither social promotion nor retention is appropriate for students who do not meet high academic standards." Passing on Failure, Eliminating Social Promotion (American Federation of Teachers) "Grade-by-grade standards for students are essential. Districts can then use the Instructional Coaching Practice Standards as a framework to implement these components in a strategic, quality practice. Video New Teacher Center Overview Video New Teacher Center is working to deliver on the promise of public education, and help bring equality in education to all children across the country. So it is important that induction leaders provide Beginning Teacher Learning Communities (btlc) that they find worthwhile. The probability of dropping out increases with multiple retentions. Impact at the secondary school level: Students who were retained or had delayed kindergarten entry are more likely to drop out of school compared to students who were never retained, even when controlling for achievement levels. List the minority teacher recruitment programs and activities in your area and determine the percentage of minorities who teach in your area school system. Forums are led by experienced mentors with a deep understanding of the learning needs of mentors and beginning teachers. Journal of School Psychology, 35 (1 3-25. Profile or reward outstanding minority teachers or prospective minority teachers to acknowledge their service, increase their self-esteem, and build the professions prestige. The following summarizes the preponderance of the evidence. Nasp encourages school districts to consider a wide array of well-researched, evidence-based, effective, and responsible strategies in lieu of retention or social promotion (see Algozzine, Ysseldyke, and Elliott, 2002 for a discussion of research-based tactics for effective instruction; see Shinn, Walker, and Stoner, 2002 for. Participating affiliates, network representatives, teacher educators, and experts are invited to attend, make presentations on innovative strategies, and share information on their progress and success. Conducts a National Forum, each year NEA's RRE Program conducts a national forum to acknowledge the cooperative efforts of NEA affiliates, local school districts, and community organizations grappling with the teacher shortage issue. To deal with these issues, the RRE Program establishes and maintains key networks and collaborative activities with NEA affiliates and other organizations, conducts a national forum on the issue of educator recruitment and retention, collects and distributes information on recruitment and retention initiatives, and maintains. What's Best for My Child?

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The online Instructional Coaching Program and Practice Standards were developed to accelerate teacher effectiveness. Instructional Coaching Program Standards, loss of a parent and grade retention as superlative stressors. And 5 year, followed by the loss of a parent and going blind.

In Rentention - Special Ed Teacher Needs Ammunition, Sue Whitney Heath describes the damaging consequences of retention, the lack of research to support this practice, and provides resources about retention.Retention, Delays and Social Promotion Articles l Resources l Flyers.We receive dozens of emails every week about retention, social promotion and high-stakes spite clear evidence that retention does not work - and that it damages children - many school districts continue to use this outmoded policy.

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