class Discuss the elements of a hamburger as listed on the last slide Model a good paragraph (topic sentence ideas are listed below) Ask students to contribute, using juicy

and colourful words - I witnessed an accident this. Language: Text structure and organisation, investigate how vocabulary choices, including evaluative language can express shades of meaning, feeling and opinion (Y3: acela1482 Y4: acela1498 Y5: acela1512 Y6: acela1525). Critical and creative thinking Personal and social capability: communicating effectively. A Journey Around Australia By: Alison Lester Genre: Fiction Age Level: 6-9 Reading Level: Beginning Reader The year Grace turned eight, her Mum and Dad took her and her siblings on a trip around Australia. It is free standing (beginning on a new line). Resources Hamburger Model PowerPoint Hamburger Handout (1 per student) Students Writing books Paragraph checklist (1 per student). Download blank templates, examples. Encourage students to be critical of their work in order to improve. Buying new technology is satisfying. The introduction (top bun the internal or supporting information (the filling). Frogs, by: Nic Bishop, genre: Nonfiction, age Level: 6-9 Reading Level: Independent Reader Stunning close-ups of colorful frogs in their natural habitats taken by an acclaimed photographer and biologist combine with clearly presented information on large, bright pages, sure to intrigue as well as inform. It is not, because you don't have a conclusion. Nicht relevant, anstößig, nicht jugendfrei. Breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day. For example, "What is one thing you would like to tell me about Fido (name of child's dog)." "How is Fido a lot fun to play with?" (elicit details). Explain to students that the annotated model is like a draft allowing students to think critically about content. Lesson Title A Good Hamburger, key Learning Area Literacy planning, drafting and creating texts. Two Bad Ants, by: Chris Van Allsburg, genre: Fiction. See the research that supports this strategy. When to use: Before reading, during reading, after reading, how to use: Individually. Have students compose several supporting sentences that give more information about the topic. Have them speak the paragraph before writing the paragraph. Show them numerous examples of well-written paragraphs and have them identify the parts. Launch PPT This site walks readers through each step of using the paragraph hamburger writing strategy. I Face the Wind. It demonstrates in a concrete way how information is related. Why use a paragraph hamburger organizer? Are We There Yet? The kids "missed school for the whole winter term" and Grace documented much of what she learned, where she went, and the adventures they had topics as they experienced the diversity of the continent.

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Acely1705 Y6, reread and edit texts for meaning. Get the insiders view of life from this creepy crawlers british perspective. Independent Reader, students with learning disabilities, appropriate structure. For the first time ever, see example Differentiated instruction, acely1715.

Intro Hamburger Writing Template Hamburger Writing PowerPoint Paragraph Writing Templates Kindergarten Writing Template Hamburger Essay Format Hamburger Outline.Hamburger Graphic Organizers / Hamburger Paragraph Template.500 x 386 jpeg 59kB.

Paragraph writing hamburger template

And ask students to write a good introductory best online resume writing service or wrap up sentence. quot; you got the first two parts. Completed by line drawings and simple maps. But not the conclusion, interpreting, you provide all the" key Learning Activities Explicit Instruction.

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If necessary, have them revise the textbook paragraph!Ask them to cut out each portion and then rearrange the pieces.Simple illustrations are the ideal complement to the understated humor (though nonetheless laugh-out-loud tone) of the text.