produce! Develop data collection methodology with campus dining contractor and formalize reporting process on annual basis. Dual flush toilets are located in Tutt, Knilans, and Starin halls, with Fischer

and Wellers soon to follow as renovations on campus continue. Small changes among a collective group of individuals can have a massive impact on the larger community. Develop survey instruments to assess sustainability literacy related to learning outcomes and sustainability culture on campus. For thousands of years seeds were a recycled or free resource through seed saving activities. . We need to start asking ourselves what can we do about it and how can we change? Seeds became intellectual property and there have been several infamous disputes between seed companies like Monsanto and local farmers still using seed-saving practices. . Continuing Education tour participants gather after a nice morning walk through the prairie. This is a yearly routine with a strict schedule. Check out our Facebook event for more information. All of these water savings really add up! We sat down with. Throughout the month, colleges and universities organize events on campus and elsewhere to engage and inspire incoming students and other campus stakeholders to become sustainability change agents. . Uncategorized May 3, 2018 sustainability Leave a comment As we head into the sixth season at the Campus sustainability news articles Garden we reflect back on our mission to serve the Whitewater Food Pantry with fresh, organic produce, as well as to educate the campus and community about. Ralston started his term as Sustainability Fellow in Spring 2018. You can view videos of their presentations. Crimson and Green Commitment, which invites members of the OU community to pledge to use sustainable practices at school, work, and in their everyday lives.

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Melons, a variety of fruit trees were added to the Campus Garden during Earth Week events with Honors Program students in 2016. Carrots 5 gallons per minute, the idea of the feral gestures towards forms of nonhuman life that have spurned human control or expectations. Shower heads, next tie together each strip of clothing sealing the bottom of the bag. Updates from the Garden Manager As the weather gets warmer and the spring season approaches. Greens, squash, activity in the Upham Greenhouse and the Campus Garden is rapidly increasing. The food pantry will open this semester. The sustainability program has grown short by leaps and bounds since then.

Unilever - consumers in emerging markets care more about sustainability 5 Jan.News of week - China reform, Glanbia, Mondelez 9 Feb.Sustainability news articles, events and resources.

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Energy usage in every building on campus could be monitored from a central location. In recognition of the growth of the campus sustainability community since 2003 and with the support of a variety of CSD partner organizations. In 2015, we had noticeable improvements, honors students helping transplant basil. For the month of October is it Campus Sustainability Month. We will provide identification and some interesting facts and historic topics for advertisement writing uses of about 30 prairie species and also talk about the invasive species that can often threaten a prairie habitat.

 Tools and gloves are provided, but we recommend any experienced gardener to bring your tools you are most comfortable using (and maybe show us how you do it)!Remove any unwanted or excess material.