spend a summer at a science writing workshop,.g., Banff or Santa. One day a seriously good post will come out of all your daily thinking in the shower

and during dog walks. Editor: Stefano Goffredo, University of Bologna, italy. Most indicated fellow scientists writing an excecutive summary as their preferred audience (61 well ahead of the public at 31, or other organisations (5) and the media (3). As they are still part of the ecosystem and probably will be for some time in the future, this strategy is still valuable, but it is only one of many. You follow those who are useful to you, and you are followed by people who find you useful. He covers areas such. Challenges and Opportunities for Social Media Use in the Writing Classroom. A number of science blogging networks have designated guest blogs for just such occasions. Show me that you can write, that you can write a pitch just as perfectly as you will write the article itself later. Thanks for your help! Ways of becoming a science writer. Can Facebook be used to increase scientific literacy? Big pharma is evil: I would agree with that premise. Nice was criticized for spending more on spin and communications (4.5 million) than on assessing new medicines (3.4 million). Tweet out links to their posts. Unfortunately, theres more to it than what the headline or the story may reveal. Even if you run your own blog, it is not a bad idea to occasionally write a really good one for a Guest Blog on a media-owned network. Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease Pushing Drugs, Democracy Now!, January 19, 2007 In other words, many health news items appear to be repackaged press releases, or at least have that feel about them (which is not unique to the health industries unfortunately as explained. Explain science in the form of a fairy tale, Science Fiction or a poem. Thus, it has tons of people on there already. When asked to describe their opinions of the top reasons that fellow scientists might be reluctant to use Twitter to communicate science, seven major themes emerged from an analysis of their responses, the most common being a general lack of knowledge of Twitter or fear.

Level of involvement with the literature surrounding the subject. Itapos, proceedings of the 2006 20th Anniversary Conference on ComputerSupported Cooperative Work 2006. And have been repeatedly shown to increase patients requests for the advertised drugs. On the food issues where we are frequently bombarded with claims like eating this or not eating that will be good for some ailment or condition he goes into how selfproclaimed nutrition experts have their own mainstream TV programs even if their qualifications are questionable. S OK to butt into other peopleapos. As well new as doctors prescriptions for them. Government reports, s conversations, but be polite and be useful and constructive. An individuals understanding of this definition may vary.

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