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publish Instant Articles. Create a, facebook, app. An existing Facebook app ID, which is used to issue calls to the Instant Articles API. Import your articles with the, instant, articles, aPI or an, rSS feed and create templates for your article markup. From your server, issue the following call in order assign extra core to virtual machine virtualbox to exchange the short-lived user access token for a long-lived token: GET /oauth/access_token? String html required if not informed html_url The actual content of html to be transformed. "canonical_url "http.", "id "1236 "html_source "!doctype html. String Example Request post https graph. Detailed guidance on the Instant Articles API endpoints is provided in the Instant Articles API Reference. To add a post on your Facebook Page, you must still compose and publish a post to your Page. After Instant Articles -formatted content is distributed to Facebook, a web-based editor (accessible via your Facebook Page) is provided to revise and manage the content as needed. Updates to existing Instant Articles follow the same approach used to creating a new Instant Article. User access tokens are generated through the Facebook Login dialog, which prompts the person to grant the pages_manage_ instant _ articles and pages_show_list permissions to your app. Update Published Articles At times you may want to update the content of a previously published article, as in the case of a developing news story. article /body /html " instant _article_warnings "here goes THE warning messages", " instant _article_logs "info Transformer initiated using encode UTF-8 "info Transformer finished in 149 ms with (0) warnings" Response Fields Name Description Type instant _article_markup The generated markup as instant article based on the. Run composer all to fix and check for coding style issues, and run the tests. Developers will find all necessary technical documentation for the. If the article being posted contains the same canonical URL if an existing Instant Article, the markup of the existing article will be updated with the new markup included in the post. List of string Troubleshooting This GraphAPI endpoint / instant _ articles /transformer is a service using the Facebook Instant Articles SDK PHP open source project under the hood. Transformer : An engine for transforming any markup into. API allows you to manage articles and receive errors and alerts instantaneously through your own CMS. Distribute New, articles, using the. Learn more about this process in the Article Review section. The engine runs a set of rules on the markup that will specify the selection and transformation of elements output by the CMS into their. Set the threshold in the transformer Logger level to debug to expose more details about the items processed by the Transformer. If you don't already have an existing Page, create a new one.

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API are the ways, errors" compageid instant articles Look Up Article ID To lookup the article ID of an Instant Article based on its canonical URL. Success" status"" instant, doctype html. Transform an Article The cover letter for essay portfolio Instant Articles Transformer. The Instant Articles system requires access to each articleapos. Instant, canonicalurl""1235" instant," Canonical ur" issue a GET request to, specify a valid canonical URL using link re" License Please see the license file for more information.

The, instant Articles, transformer, aPI enables you to transform regular html articles into, instant Articles markup by setting up a set of rules indicating how to transform the.This the standard, facebook Instant Articles, sDK PHP available as a service for transformation of html into, instant Articles markup.Will Your, instant Articles, post Automatically on Your, facebook.

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Facebook, which contain our content and advertising policies. Composer require facebook facebook instant articles sdkphp After the installation. API, heres how to set up automated publishing using the. Testing with Docker We have provide a Docker environment christopher columbus short essay to ensure a consistent testing development environment. Terms, articles, you can include the auto loader script. Instant, introduction to Using the, additional Fields GET https graph, s root folder.

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Using the API, you can create, update and delete Instant Articles directly from your content management system.Submit a batch of articles for review the Instant Articles team will approve it or ask you to make updates so your articles follow content and advertising policies.