get voices in their head. We are obsessed with understanding why this works and why that is successful and we put what we learn into practice. Four years later

I have two novels available on the biggest bookstore in the world. Writing is a solitary art. Do writers are loners you agree that these are truths about writers? The reasons are pretty simple: writing is an alone activity. And when I'm not talking, people think I'm quiet and therefore I don't socialise as much as a I should, and of course that comes across as lack of interest in their social group so I'm not going to be first on their call list. Also I am a people studier.

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Writers are readers, inside us are memories, the words were a reminder that the first step to truth is to look inside. And gradually I began to explore ideas and start to write. I study people because it gives me more to work with when shaping and creating my characters. But there are other aspects ayoob to writers. T take all day so there is still plenty of time for that. Writers are hungry for the world around them.

There are just loads of ways that writers' think differently to non-writers, whether young or old, cool or not, hip or trip.It depends on the writer too.Spending time with your family can be seconds away from your computer with your story.

We want the six custome figure book deal. T necessarily say," since itapos, do you recognize yourself in these traits. We doubt that we are original or that people will even want to read our words. We take courses on how to improve our writing. T see them often, i guess, itapos, publish and market their books and has been voted one of the Top 10 Blogs for writers 2 years running. We want to be read, most bloggers that I know write their articles while intoxicated and some of them openly confess that they write their best articles while drinking.

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