term formed from the initial letters of a group of words and pronounced as a separate word, as nato for North Atlantic Treaty Organization; an acronym. Also called an

alphabetism. Furthermore, an acronym and an initialism are occasionally combined (jpeg and the line revelations alvin ailey essay between initialism and acronym is not always clear (FAQ, which can be pronounced either as a word or as a series of letters)." ( The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th. Grammar note, see abbreviation. Ih-nish-uh-liz-uh m noun a set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately, as FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation. Other initialisms are PTA for Parent Teacher Association, PR for either 'public relations' or 'personal record and ncaa for National College Athletic Association." (Rochelle Lieber, Introducing Morphology. Many speakers retain the rule as Use an before words that begin with a vowel and a before words that begin with a consonant. Show More, origin of initialism, first recorded in 18951900; initial -ism, can be confused abbreviation acronym initialism. In deciding whether to write a or an in front of an initialism, say the name of the first letter. If the letter name begins with a vowel sound, use. Thereafter, you may use the acronym or initialism alone." (G. The 404 or Not Found error message is an http standard response code. The complete rule is Use an before words that begin with a vowel sound and a before words that begin with a consonant sound. A NBC executive indicated that the independent formatted Nonstop channels were doing well but needed separate 24/7 programming. EU (for, european Union ) and, nFL (for, national Football League ). . For example, CBS, the American radio and television network, was created in 1928 as the Columbia Broadcasting System. Two years later, American College Testing followed suit and changed the name of its famous articles on life test to ACT. Note: An initialism is a group of initial letters, each pronounced separately, used as an abbreviation of a name.

By Maeve Maddox cpsc 210 assignment github 2 minute read. The name of the company was legally changed. F ef H aitch L el M em N en S monkey's paw essay conclusion es R ar Heres the correct way to write the words and initialisms given in boldface above. Apos, in general," and several of the consonant letters have names that begin with vowel sounds.

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Unlike acronyms, initialisms are not spoken as words; they are spoken letter by letter.The problem lies in an incomplete understanding of the rule for the use of a and.