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right 1. The only dark areas between the mother and child are their heads of hair (they merge into one shape the lines that define the shadows that emphasize their three-dimensional forms, and the vertical strip across the background that anchors them in space. Look at the painting. Comparing Art, now let's look at two images of family life and interaction. Tone refers to the lightness or darkness of colors used, which can help to create a sense of depth or distance in art. Compare, infer, opiniated response, impartial response, to note similarities and differences. James McNeill, odilon Redon, subjective response, objective response. Writing has become increasingly mo 1-3. In film editing classes throughout the States, a common assignment is to take an existing film (say, a comedy) and create a film preview that presents the film as a different genre (for example, a horror film). The sun in the sky reflects on the water, writing but the deep colors and uneasy dynamic among the figures render the dance less than celebratory. Dwayne is preparing a presentation for a group writing of art history scholars that are visiting his gallery. The dark colors, crashing waves, and man with his head down convey the power of nature. The figures are surrounded by outlines that emphasize their rounded shapes rather than the individuals. Their faces are odd looking. To draw a conclusion that is not readily apparent, but is base. We can't see the background, it's obscured in darkness, and we're not sure where the creature or the horse came from. Start person, place, thing, or idea used to name a specific person, place, or thing. The painting's tone, created by the contrast between dark and light, is mysterious and unsettling. Graph: closed circle at 3, shade to the right x 1/2 or.5 Towards the larger numbers (right) Solve: 2n6 4 n -1.

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