may feel uncomfortable using a shared toilet. A person must have some form of cardio-vascular exercising if he wants to remain healthy. Another issue could be communication; they may

speak another language or find it hard to communicate their wishes to you. You also can use other tools to keep your mouth and teeth clean. Personal hygiene parersonal hygiene Personal hygiene refers to set of individual practices and conditions that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of disease Hygiene behavior change can have significant effects on health of the population THE importance OF good personal hygiene Maintaining personal. I am careful when washing an individual so I do not hurt them and I talk in a calm manner. Ask them if they would like any particular toiletries to use. All of these things put together result in a happy, healthy smile! Many people do not understand what is meant by personal hygiene. Once I have completed the routine I always wash my hands thoroughly and dispose of my gloves and apron when needed. Having a daily shower or wash helps get rid of any dead skin and micro organisms living there. It is important that the individual is happy to do the task and the environment is clear of any obstacles that may be dangerous or get in the way. Manual handling, transferring and use of hoists, by yourself and another member of staff, making sure that you how to maintain personal hygiene essay follow procedures correctly. Outcome 2: Know how to encourage an individual to maintain personal hygiene 2:1 Explain how to address personal hygiene issues with an individual in a sensitive manner without imposing own values When addressing an individual about personal hygiene issues I would do so. I will ask them if they would like to wash their face and hands ensuring that they pay how to maintain personal hygiene essay attention to ends of fingers and nails.

How to maintain personal hygiene essay

If the individual way ill it would be up to the staff to attend the individuals hygiene needs and assess what needs they have. It gives them a sense of achievement when then have done things for themselves. If the individual has mental health issues or depression analysis then I would need to encourage the individual to wash and prompt them to do things 3, are closed to always ensure that the individual keeps their dignity and respect. I need to read the individuals risk assessments and their manual handling plan. I would take into account any personal reasons. ANY topic specifically, we will write a custom essay sample. There are many forms of cardiovascular exercising. Hygiene specifically for you for only. For example 38, the best defense is to remove plaque before it has a chance to build up and cause problems.

1.1 Explain why personal hygiene is important.Maintaining personal hygiene is of key importance for many reasons; personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life.

3, nails and hair are in a good condition. They may style be in pain or embarrassed of their bodies. Talk to them and find out what kind of assistance they require. One must also increase the intake of protein and decrease the intake of sugars and fats 6Identify risks to own health in supporting an individual with personal hygiene routines There are several risks to yourself when supporting an individual through a personal hygiene routine. Personal hygiene means the cleaning and grooming write of the external body to make sure the skin.

When assisting the individual with their personal care needs i would explain why it is important to wash and to put on clean clothes and how it prevents infections etc.I try to provide the individual with information about what may happen if they do not way, however I do this in a calm and sensitive way.