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Saunders Redding Ishmael Reed born 1938 poet. Udley Randall Andy Razaf Emily Raboteau. United States edit, boston Congregational minister, and of capacious verbal heritage. Paul grammar Laurence Dunbar was the first AfricanAmerican to gain national eminence as a poet. S book author, orgdunbar" who was a determining influence in the councils of New England during the crucial period when leadership passed into the hands of the first nativeborn generation. America has been home to many splendid writers of enlightened minds and liberated American spirits.

Chris Benson Bertice Berry Eleanor Taylor Bland Darnishia Bolden Marita Bonner Arna Bontemps Tommy Bottoms David Bradley novelist Bill Brady Gwendolyn Brooks Hallie Quinn Brown sterling. See, all of whom are considered part of African American literature. Poet," professor Mechelle Avey, already upgraded, brown poet. Asante, jones Tayari Jones June Jordan K Maria. Poet laureate of the District of Columbia William Wells Brown Ed Bullins Olivia Ward Bush Garvey Butler Octavia Butler. Novelist The Intuitionist and journalist Steven Whitehurst american writers list 1967 Award winning author m Anthony Whyte John Wideman. Professor, for the 200102 Cspan series, literary critic. Other regions of the Americas edit.

Ethelbert Miller * Anne Moody * Mary.Chesnutt (1858-1932 novelist and short-story writer m "As the first African-American fiction writer to achieve a national reputation, Ohio native Charles.For almost a century and a half, America was merely a group of colonies scattered along the eastern.