wildfire-prone areas Crystal. Trends in Divorce in India The young couples are fast becoming upwardly mobile and rich in Indian cities. Scores of women are regularly killed on charges

of witchcraft across the county. Simonson, Shelby Zellman, Mason Klemm, Plamen Kamenov, Gayle Geschwind, Ashley Zebro, Sanjit Ghose, Jianming Bai, Eric Dooryhee, Gabriel Kotliar, and Meigan. You have access Mouse maternal protein restriction during preimplantation alone permanently alters brain neuron proportion and adult short-term memory From the Cover Joanna. While on one hand the widening rich-poor divide in urban areas and loss of innocence have been pushing minors from poor sections of society into the world of crime Read More. Population -The trends in India India @ Risk 2007, a report published during the India Economic Summit, 2007 has revealed following important facts: Read More. The fall of the Soviet Union sparked hopes that current a Russian middle class would emerge and thrive, but so far it has not. Unicef report: Water Situation in India- Situation and Prospects A UN Report has described India's water pollution situation as a time bomb. But it is true that gender discrimination is not confined to one particular economic class or section or a community. Poole, Peter McLean, Gareth. The total sanitation campaign launched by government of India has stretched to the last of the 597 districts to turn the rural landscape free from squatting. Among the 128 countries that have been evaluated by the WEF India ranked 114 followed among others by Yemen, Chad, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Still Births in India According to the recent research data revealed during the launch of British Medical Journal Lancet, on an average six lakh stillbirths take place in India every year. More than 60 of MP's children are malnourished according to the official National Health Survey conducted in 2006. Child Mortality In India- UN Report 2012 India tops the list of highest mortality rate of under five children in 2011 a new United Nations Global Estimate on child mortality reports. The report shows that accelerated progress is both possible and necessary. Universal schooling of decent quality could be the single biggest move it makes towards future prosperity. Unorganized Labor Trends in India-ILO Report The International Labor organization in its report global employment trends 2010 recorded a rise in vulnerable employment in South Asia through 2009 from.9 of total employment in 2008.6 by the third quarter of 2009. Global Food Stocks Fall The Great Wheat panic of 2007 saw global prices shoot up by over 92 during the year. This trend is evident not just in metropolises but in smaller cities and semi-urban areas as well. Hunger in India - Impact on Children India has among the highest numbers of hungry children in the world-nearly double that of sub-Saharan Africa. Need for Sexual and Reproductive health awareness in Adolescents: Saathiya Resource Kit. Birth Registration in India More than 59 children born every year are not registered with any civil authority making them invisible. Open Access Oxidative stress is tightly regulated by cytochrome c phosphorylation and respirasome factors in mitochondria Alejandra Guerra-Castellano, Antonio Díaz-Quintana, Gonzalo Pérez-Mejías, Carlos. Key fact and figures on untrition Globally, nearly one in four children under age 5(165 million or 26 per cent in 2011) are stunted. Female Infanticide in India Five million girls were eliminated between 19 because of foetal sex determination done by unethical medical professionals. This is an effort to bring to the social evils of India to the notice of as many people as possible. Vanner, and Nigel. Click here for articles from the Artificial Molecular Machines Special Feature.

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