his own right, having survived Starkiller Base and the Battle of Cait. After the Battle of Starkiller Base, C'ai becomes Poe Dameron's wingman and aides him in his efforts

to keep the Resistance alive during the First Order's pursuit of their fleet. You Are in Command Now : Following Arvel's death, L'ulo takes over command of Green Squadron. Considered bad luck, he's destined to be alone. Alliterative Name : L 'ulo L 'ampar. Nerves of Steel : She keeps a level head during Poe's assault on the Dreadnought, even as she finds her crew dead, is knocked to the ground by an explosion, hears Poe screaming in her ear to drop the payload, and has only a limited. When First Order ships appeared over D'Qar during the Resistance base's evacuation, Tallie led her squadron in assisting Poe and the Resistance Bombers in holding off the First Order. It is unknown if this is her natural hair color or not. She confronts him about it when they return to base and reveals she also has feelings for him, leading to the two to start dating. There haven't been any explicit signs that he actually is one, however, but he claims that he can feel it flowing through his body. Friend in the Black Market : For Evaan. Tomboyish Ponytail : Wears her hair in a ponytail all the time, which makes sense as Jess is a mechanic and pilot who needs to keep her hair out of her face. Black and White Morality : He seems convinced that the Resistance and its predecessor, the Rebellion/Rebel Alliance, have done nothing wrong, and the First Order (and the Empire) and the Fringe are everything that's wrong. Battle Couple : With Karé after they get together until she breaks up with him. Not temmin So Above It All : Since one of his friends is a Gungan, he throws in random Gungan phrases every now and then. After rumors starting flying around that the illegal weapons cache found in her family's hotel was blown up by Lorica herself, her family enrolled her into the New Republic Military Academy on Ganthel to help support her newfound image of being a hero. He is somewhat amused that despite his age and experience with the Rebellion, he is still being kept in the dark about details of certain missions due to their "need-to-know" nature. Star Wars, go here. However, several cadets fought over reprogramming AG-90, which led to the Resistance base's power being shut down as a result of their antics. And now, she's a member of the Resistance, which is self-explanatory. Ascended Fangirl : She's been a huge admirer of Luke Skywalker since she was a child. Heroic Sacrifice : During Poe's successfulif costlyDreadnought strike at the start of The Last Jedi, hers is the only bomber to make it to the drop point, she's then forced to detonate her payload while still in the blast radius due her co-pilot being killed. At the very least, she found being spoiled and being subject to high expectations from her parents (and now the rest of the Galaxy) as boring and/or overwhelming. Driving this home, he's one of the very few pilots who actually survive the destruction of Starkiller Base and the Battle of Crait, the latter of which trimmed the Resistance down to only enough people to fill up the Millennium Falcon. ) eventually cause him to rethink this attitude. After the New Republic refuses to take action against the First Order even after there is proof it is rearming and raiding civilian vessels, Kun, Poe, and Arana all join the Resistance. Hero-Worshipper : He's a pretty big fan of the heroes of the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance, and he wants to be just like them. Badass in Distress : During Jess, Karé, and Suralinda Javos' mission to Spalex, they are captured by the First Order. They are also roommates aboard the Raddus. Kid Hero : He's fifteen years old at the beginning of the series. The Jinx : The astromech droids of the Resistance consider her one, as every droid she is assigned gets destroyed on Black Squadron's missions.

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Temmin, wexley was born on the planet Akiva to Norra and Brentin Lore.He and his parents grew up in the city of Myrra.

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Packapos, when he, to Stomeroni Starck, human Homeworld. She takes a slow one by insisting on joining the Resistance as a fighter pilot. A Mother to Her Men, even though she knows that her only chance to survive her illness is to avoid just the kind why do i want to be an art teacher essay of stress involved. When he and Lando realize the Death Star II is fully operational.

Which side will you take?Heroic Wannabe : He wants to be the next Poe, maybe even the next Luke.Therefore, any responsibility for purchasing Funko Pop figures lies solely on the buyer.