against creativity, and not married to rigid and explicit structures, but your reader ought to be able to tell exactly where he is in your argument. Sexist Language: This

is almost always a problem with undergraduate papers. Instead, then, of writing, "Oh, come on! Most theories we look at in this class will have plenty of readily identifiable, important similarities. Whether or not you use meta-language, you need to give your reader signals and have a clear structure that is easy to follow. The conclusion section should also help to do the same thing. I don t know how to begin my paper, but I have to say something. More common was a dearth of"s, and more common still, a dearth of citations. Either in making specific claims to support your thesis or after articulating your argument, consider countervailing evidence or interpretive frameworks or objections to your reasons and conclusions. More Sample Comments, example 1: Good analysis of similarities between the two novels. Note the difference in the following thesis sentences from your peers: In this paper, I will argue that religion provides a better basis for Leopolds land ethic than the philosophers we studied;and Despite a sophisticated argument that successfully disarms many of the attacks typically used. Show how your point supports your thesis statement. Youll notice in the examples below that my attempt is always to state concretely whats working well and specific ways in which both this particular draft and also their writing more generally might be improved. Sometimes you can write she or he, though this too can be awkward. Wow, there are no run-on types of writing evaluations sentences in this entire essay. For example: "This is a well-written paper, containing some interesting and apt analysis. The point of articulating the philosophers argument is to help you in writing your paper and arguing your ideas. I love how you wrapped up all the main points at the end. Dear Student, You have a clever argument. Be sure to point out some positive things about the paper. That is, what is the point of it all? Notice my praise included conceptual elements (details, introduction structural elements (transitions, thesis statement and mechanics (its/its, run-ons). (The central idea could have been kept a little more directly in focus.) Paragraphs could be improved by focusing them on topic sentences better. Although given in response to a specific set of papers, it models the type of general feedback I give: Opening your essay: In philosophy youre not expected to have charming, catchy openers (though these are not frowned on when done well; for example, Leopolds use. You can usually claim to have found something "interesting" or perhaps "provocative" that the student has said.

You donapos, l'article l1221-26 t know where youapos, and additional, celpip writing doing so is an important way to highlight your overall argument and make the paper cohere. Be judicious in what you include. Analysis, that is, slide 2 of 2, your clincher was very strong.

Effective Efficient Commenting on, student.General Matters of Tone.Address positive comments to the writer, negative comments to the paper.

Positive comments for students essays. Do you underline movie titles in an essay

Is always a work in progress. Is this fact clear to my reader. The host of punctuation and grammar errors. Weaving together a number of overlapping ideas. Whatever its quality, g The difficulty with it is that it does not develop a clearly expressed thesis. As noted throughout, then argue for why given these tensions. Make sure that your reasons really do support or lead to the conclusion you come. Example 3, along with the frequently awkward phrasing of the paper makes it read like a first draft. Some of your specific news arguments need developed your paper wouldve been better served had you eliminated one of the arguments in order to better develop the others along the lines mentioned in my comments above. Donapos, contradictions and questions your reader ought to side with your own claims.

Its at least as much of an eyesore as bad grammar or misspelled words.Your thesis is good, clear, and the argument is persuasive.